US NEWS: The White House is issuing a guideline for the use of infrastructure

WASHINGTON, April 29 – The White House issued a directive Friday for government agencies in an effort to ensure effective implementation and oversight of the $ 1 trillion infrastructure spending law.

President Joe Biden will meet on Friday with inspectors (IGs) and other security officials, the White House said, along with other officials responsible for infrastructure use.

Biden wants to empower IGs – private government monitors – to ensure proper oversight of a major government spending plan approved in November.

The 14-page guideline memorandum, reviewed by released on Friday by White House of Management and Budget (OMB) Director Shalanda Young, states that agencies should appoint a chief executive officer who will be responsible for infrastructure spending and lead regular reviews.

Agencies should work with IGs as they develop infrastructure plans and hold joint review meetings with IG and OMB on key initiatives, writes Young.

The guide states that agencies should apply “business risk management procedures … to identify and mitigate risks associated with achieving program outcomes.”

An administration official told that the coalition government is working to recruit about 8,000 people to use the infrastructure law, most of which will be employed by 2022. The guide says jobs include “human resources, contract officials, grant managers, and data scientists.”

Transport Secretary Pete Buttigieg wrote this week on Twitter that the department was “ready to bring in thousands of new employees.” Buttigieg’s department oversees approximately $ 200 billion in competing and independent grant programs.

The White House wants agencies to “clearly define the terms of investment decisions, set and track measurable targets, performance indicators, and key measures, use data to measure and monitor progress,” it said in a fact sheet.

The guide directs agencies to make it easier for disadvantaged communities including national governments and territories to access government services, and states that agencies should report monthly use of infrastructure on the government website for public disclosure.

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