US NEWS: The White House is planning a holiday party as Americans are urging them to stay home

WASHINGTON – The White House plans to hold an indoor holiday party just next week after Thanksgiving despite the outbreak of a COVID-19 outbreak in the compound, and in defiance of its advisers urging Americans to boycott their regular holiday meetings.

The first woman Melania Trump plans to “welcome the holidays” on November 30 at the White House, according to an invitation received by ABC News. White House representatives did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

U.S. officials They warned of Thanksgiving conventions on Thursday, instead urging Americans to stay home and refrain from visiting relatives to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus and protect vulnerable people as cases reached 12 million over the weekend.

While the White House said President Donald Trump and Melania planned to stay in Washington this holiday this week, skipping their annual Thanksgiving at Trump’s private club in Florida, the holiday party comes just three days later.

It also follows a series of White House events in recent months linked to outbreaks of disease, including Trump’s outbreak of the disease from late September to early October. A White House assistant and four others were tested and found to have it in recent days.

“We want everyone to understand that these holidays can be very widespread events,” Surgeon General Jerome Adams told ABC News in an interview on Monday, urging the festivities to be held out with as few people as possible and pointing to recommendations from US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“This applies to the White House, it applies to the American people, it applies to everyone,” Adams said.

Still, it seems that many Americans do not heed this advice. While the number of American air travelers has dropped by almost 60% compared to last year, state transport officials on Monday reported checking the highest number of passengers since March.

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