US NEWS: They are negotiating with the US Senate on a $ 10 bln agreement for COVID funds

WASHINGTON, March 1 – U.S. Senate negotiators on Thursday approached a $ 10 billion COVID-19 agreement to help the federal government find more vaccines and medical services as it prepares for the coming virus that will improve American health.

Senate Majority leader Chuck Schumer, a Democrat, said senators were “close to the final agreement” on a bill aimed at collecting shares for domestic and international use.

If the agreement is finalized in the coming days, the Senate may pass the bill and submit it to the House of Representatives before the spring break at the end of next week.

“We need more money right away to have enough vaccines and testing and life-saving medicines,” Schumer said in a statement to the Senate.

This amount is a small part of the $ 4.6 trillion Congress approved from the beginning of 2020 to fight the virus, much of which was devoted to reducing its difficult economy.

Earlier this month, Congress failed to pass a $ 15.6 billion aid bill amid Republican opposition to a new state spending. Many Democrats, on the other hand, are rebelling against a certain amount of money set aside to help local and local governments pay for a new round of coronavirus assistance.

Schumer said failure to adequately prepare for the new strain of coronavirus could delay progress in fighting the epidemic and reopening many American facilities.

Republican Senator Roy Blunt told reporters that almost half of the funding for the bill would come from reimbursing COVID’s previous aid laws aimed at helping artefacts recover from long-term epidemics and assistance to aircraft manufacturers.

COVID-19 has caused the death of 6.5 million people worldwide, of which 980,000 in the United States alone. While the epidemic is showing signs of slowing down, prompting many to dispose of the medical mask that has become a part of daily life, US deaths still lead the world at an average of 710 days a day.

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