US NEWS: Trump administration demands DNA collection from immigrants, U.S. sponsors

WASHINGTON – Trump administration on Friday officially proposed an increase in its DNA collection and other biometric data for immigrants, surpassing immigrants detained to accommodate donors of American citizens and others.

Its proposal also greatly enhances the biological knowledge of the Department of Homeland Security that collects beyond genetic material including eye scanning, voice printing, and palm printing, said the U.S. Department of Citizenship. Citizenship and Immigration Services in a department published in the Federal Register.

The plan is the latest step taken by President Donald Trump, who gained a position in office according to his anti-immigration rhetoric, restructuring the immigration program and doing well in his campaign promises as he seeks re-election in November.

His superiors last year demanded the DNA collection of immigrants arrested by U.S. authorities, saying it was legalized in 2005 and could help detect fraud and resolve cold cases.

Friday’s proposal, first announced on September 1, will significantly increase such collections that DHS has said will help prove family ties, verify identity, and investigate criminal history. It also goes for the inclusion of children, among other changes.

Critics say it raises serious concerns.

The American Civil Liberties Union last week overturned the move, saying it would disrupt people’s legal entry and raise questions about data retention and government employment.

It is not clear when DHS will finalize the law. Public comment on this measure is expected on October 13.

The Republican president has repeatedly called for “law and order” ahead of the November 3 presidential election against former US Vice President Joe Biden, a Democrat.

Trump has long linked his policies to anti-immigration and anti-crime policies, although research shows that immigrants do not commit crimes at a higher rate than Native Americans.

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