US NEWS: Trump and Biden protesters play outside polling stations in cliffhanger elections

Proponents of President Donald Trump, some with guns, staged a series of protests on Thursday night in protest of what he called an “unimaginable election scandal”, in the war-torn areas.

The protests were peaceful, although Trump supporters occasionally shouted at opponents. Trump says the election is rigged but there is no evidence of fraud.

In Arizona, one of the most competitive provinces in the closest call race between Trump and Democratic Alliance opponent Joe Biden, supporters of Trump and Biden gathered briefly outside the Maricopa County Electoral Commission in Phoenix.

Many armed groups rallied around the area as election officials counted votes inside, but protests remained peaceful despite growing tensions.

Local election officials continued to cast ballots nationwide, in some cases considering the unprecedented number of incoming votes collected as a voting option chosen during the coronavirus epidemic.

In Philadelphia, police said they arrested one man and confiscated a weapon as part of an investigation into a plot to overthrow the Pennsylvania Convention Center, where votes were counted.

But otherwise the situation in Philadelphia would not have been so serious – it was a celebration, even when pro-Trump and pro-Biden protesters were separated by tangible barricades at the waist under tight police.

With the future of the Presidency on average, relaxed reunions also emerged in New York and Washington as well as state cities such as Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Las Vegas, Nevada; Detroit, Michigan; and Atlanta, Georgia.

On the Internet, Facebook has removed a rapidly growing group in which Trump’s supporters have made violent remarks, as they and other social media companies have responded to baseless allegations and potential violence.

Trump supporters have taken their steps against the president, who repeatedly and falsely claims that incoming votes are fraudulent.

In Phoenix, Trump supporters briefly chased a man holding a sign that identified the president as a Nazi pig behind the stage where Alex Jones was a conspiracy theorist.

Intervening police put an end to the altercation after the man and his small group of protesters were surrounded by Trump activists.

“They are trying to steal the election but America knows what happened and is fighting,” Jones told a crowd of about 300 people.

As a postal vote in Pennsylvania cut Trump’s lead, Philadelphia protesters danced. Two men in mailboxes were playing music while carrying a banner that read, “The war is not over yet.” Others, backed by live corpses, marched behind the sign, “Union members strive to count all votes.”

Trump activists hoisted the flags and carried placards that read, “Vote is standing on election day,” and “Sorry, voting is off.” Biden sponsors have expressed their support for civil servants working internally.

“We cannot allow the ballot papers to be intimidated,” said Bob Posuney, 70, a retired social worker. “We will not cause any disruption, or injure anyone.”

In Milwaukee, 50 other Trump supporters gathered at the “Stop the Steal” rally in front of the city count where ballots were rung, national anthems were blown, flags were flown and placards marked “Recalculate” and “Rigged”.

At least one man was carrying a gun in a holster.

About a dozen teenagers arrived later, shouting “the lives of black people are important” and “saying their names,” referring to victims of police brutality. Some threw eggs at Trump’s supporters in a passing car.

“The future of my country is what brings me here tonight,” said Mitchell Landgraf, a 21-year-old construction worker who cast his first vote in the Trump presidential election. “I’m afraid if it goes the other way this country will go down soon.”

At least 400 protesters have gathered outside the Clark County Electoral Department in Las Vegas. High-pitched patriotic hymns echoed through the speakers as people waved great Trump and American flags.

In Detroit, a Black Trump supporter and a Black Democratic supporter are facing a shouting match. Earlier, police had tried to dislodge the Black Lives Matter protesters from Trump’s party but soon backed away, allowing them to rally and shout.

One woman with a handgun said she represented the Michigan Home Guard in Michigan, the military on the right.

“I will not burn this city, but I will continue to fight for electoral integrity,” said Michelle Gregoire, 29, in a state where the return of the election showed Trump in the lead on election night that turned out to be a victory for Biden on Wednesday. “It’s not right what they’re doing there.”

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