US NEWS: Trump, Biden will take on the fight against the campaign in an important military arena Florida

President Donald Trump and his Democratic Alliance rival Joe Biden will both meet supporters Thursday in the precarious Florida war zone – campaigning for hours in the same cities separating and fully demonstrating their various approaches to the recurring coronavirus epidemic.

Opinion polls show Biden on the brink of extinction across the country, but his leadership is strong in the military. A Ipsos poll released on Wednesday showed that Trump had joined forces with Biden in Florida, with 49% saying they would vote for Biden and 47% voting for the president.

With its 29 election votes, the state is the biggest prize in next Tuesday’s election.

Trump will hold an outdoor meeting in Tampa. Thousands of people flocked to Trump’s recent rallies, many of them examining masks despite public health recommendations.

Biden, meanwhile, will hold a driving conference later in Tampa where attendees will be seated in their cars. He will host a similar event earlier in the day in Broward County in South Florida.

The pandemic, which has claimed lives all over the United States this year, has killed more than 227,000 people and caused millions of job losses, erupted in the days leading up to the election.

In a Ipsos vote in Florida, 48% of voters were likely to say Biden would be better at managing the epidemic, and 42% said Trump would be better. Another 52% said Trump would be better off managing the economy, compared to 41% of Biden.

After his fight against coronavirus, the president launched an active campaign in the days leading up to the election, holding about three meetings a day in various provinces, and Biden took a moderate amount – even spending two days a week near his home in Delaware.

More than 75 million people cast their ballots early and posted, according to data compiled by the U.S. Elections Project at the University of Florida. That is the speed of setting records and more than 53% of the total number of subscribers for 2016.

A major repatriation of Republicans to two war zones, the U.S. Supreme Court Wednesday refused to block postal extensions for postal votes in Pennsylvania and North Carolina. Trump has made baseless claims that postal voting, typically conducted in U.S. elections, leads to widespread fraud.

On Thursday Trump is likely to demand new government information on the nation’s full domestic product in the third quarter.

While the numbers are likely to show record growth in growth compared to the second catastrophic quarter of the year, economists have warned that recovery from the coronavirus hit is far from over.

Trump plans to return to the Midwest on Friday, campaigning in Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota. In total, he plans to visit ten districts last week for the campaign and will host 11 rallies in the last 48 hours, the campaign official said.

Following a forum from public health officials on Wednesday, Biden criticized what he called a lack of security and the failure to develop a COVID-19 content system.

“If he has been in office for a long time, he will be negligent,” Biden told reporters, before voting for him in Wilmington, Delaware.

Trump, who continues to downplay the threat posed by the virus, has accused Biden of seeking to launch a new nationwide closure that could hurt the economy again.

After his Tampa meeting, Trump will head to another major battlefield, North Carolina, for an evening event in Fayetteville.

Biden will travel to Wisconsin on Friday to campaign with former President Barack Obama in Michigan on Saturday, the campaign said. Trump’s small victory in both states in 2016 helped him drive him to the White House.

In the war-torn state of Pennsylvania, a Philadelphia prosecutor has issued a stern warning to those watching Trump’s campaign not to cross their borders as they seek voter fraud. Trump’s campaign said he was hiring an “army” of 50,000 volunteers to patrol the polls, an effort Democrats say they could block the vote.

“Get rid of your Pride boys, goon squads, and unverified ‘voting guards’ outside our city, Mr.” Break the law here, and I have something for you. “

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