US NEWS: Trump, Biden’s campaign raises money, has lost millions in advertising

U.S. President Donald Trump and his Democratic Alliance rival Joe Biden submitted funding for the campaign in July, according to a statement released Thursday by the Federal Election Commission.

Biden, who accepted a Democratic Alliance nomination on Thursday to challenge Trump in the November 3 election, spent nearly $ 60 million while the presidential election campaign spread around $ 65 million.

Former Democrat and former Vice President Joe Biden, his wife Jill Biden and US Senator and Democratic Alliance member supporting Deputy President Kamala Harris celebrated after Joe Biden accepted the 2020 presidential election on the 4th and 20th night of the National Conference on Democracy, as participants from across the country were treated to videos linked to the venue from the start of the conference in Milwaukee, Wisccin, US

The disclosure shows how close the financial competition is between Trump and the former U.S. Vice President.

Trump, who began charging for his only two-month renewal campaign in 2017, had almost twice as much as Biden in April when Biden became his party’s nominee. In July, Trump’s campaign totaled nearly $ 2 billion in Biden.

Statements for each campaign this month suggested that the bulk of their funding was equal, as well as the resources of their political parties and affiliated political committees.

Biden plans to increase advertising spending in the coming months, and a closer look could be America’s most expensive option in history.

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