US NEWS: Trump Councilor of the Jacksonville Portion of the GOP Convention

In a major agreement, President Donald Trump on Thursday announced that he would not be going to Jacksonville, Florida, by the end of August to accept his party’s nomination. “I looked at my team and said,” The timing of this event is incorrect. It’s not fair what happened recently, a major explosion in Florida, ‘”Trump said at a White House conference on the plans. Republican National Convention functions.

Trump said Jacksonville is an area known as the coronavirus. “I’m still going to make the conference speech a different way, but we’re not going to have a big crowded meeting,” Trump said. “That’s not the right time.”

The announcement represents a clear indication by the president, who is attending a large conference room but has been criticized for not taking enough of the threat of the virus. A majority of voters have indicated that voters are giving high marks to Democratic Alliance nominee Joe Biden whom they rely on most – Biden or Trump – to tackle the disease. The outbreak of talks after a rally in Florida that is already in turmoil could be a major campaign issue for Trump.

North Carolina will continue to host part of the conference, Trump said. He had forced the Republican National Committee to find other cities for the event after the North Carolina governor said he could not promise Trump a full-blown meeting in Charlotte without public interference.

Although Trump claims to have enjoyed a lot of excitement and support for part of the events, a Fininnipiac voting letter for Florida voters published Thursday found that 62% said it was unsafe to host the events at this time.

A Jacksonville court official said he did not think his superiors would be able to provide security at the event.

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