US NEWS: Trump Enters Summer Sweating His Re-election

IT WAS more traumatic than four months before the general election, and things are not going well for President Donald Trump.

Another poll released this week shows that former Vice President Joe Biden led Trump across the country by 14 points, suggesting an investigation by CNN earlier this month – a vote that angered the president saying he wanted to withdraw and apologize – not an outsider. State polling positions show that Trump lost most of the provinces he won in 2007. His return to major campaigns has been bizarre, with his Tulsa, Oklahoma event bringing in 6,200 attendees, according to a wildfire – a third of the area.

The president has time, experts say, and he may still have a chance to win. As the past few months have shown, they see, events can dramatically change the course of the presidential campaign in ways that cannot be imagined now. But with the campaign clock ticking, Trump is running out of options, and strategies that worked well against Hillary Clinton in 2016 are not effective against Biden.

“It’s been an amazing change from October to today,” when Biden went from being a Trump subordinate to leading six states – Pennsylvania, Wisccin, Michigan, Arizona, North and Florida, said Don Levy, director of the Siena Center for College Research. The poll released this week showing Biden nationally, 50% to 36%, and a 6 to 11 percent increase in those battlefields.

The NCCA vote released on Thursday shows Biden supported 47% nationally, compared with 38% in Trump. The June 25 Liberal Political Voting estimate had Biden 10 points higher than Trump, compared with the 6.6% gain Clinton had that day in 2016 (and in addition to Barack Obama, President Benny served, in 2008 or 2012).

Even Ohio, which has bounced back as a real war zone as Republicans hold statewide offices, is being played again, with Quinnipiac University polls this week finding Biden ahead of Buckeye State, 46% to 45%.

Worse for the president, it looks like Biden is the place to grow. Siena College voters asked Trump voters whether they would agree to vote for Biden, and Biden voters if they would like to consider voting for the President. Across the six battlefields, a higher percentage of voters said they would consider jumping from Trump to Biden, rather than converting.

Trump’s power is the economy, where voters in several elections say they choose the president to run. But Biden leads almost every category, including health care, immigration and the administration of racism and political outbreaks that have occurred in response to incidents of police brutality by African Americans.

Trump is also benefiting from the edges of enthusiasm, with his supporters likely to be motivated to vote for the president. Biden backers, votes show, are more likely to be motivated to oust Trump.

But while the general campaign suggests that voters need to give people a reason to vote for them – instead of simply voting for someone else – this may be the year the idea is raised, experts say. Well-respected Republicans, including, as of Thursday, former GOP presidential candidate Carly Fiorina, endorsed Biden.

“‘Throw holes’ is one of the most powerful feelings of any democracy. While that is true this year, it is also true that Biden is winning over people and holding them,” said Simon Rosenberg, president of centrist Democratic think-tank NDN. “The brightest Republicans are crossing over to vote for him, and he is now at 50% all the time,” something that no one has held for president since Ronald Reagan became president.

In Florida, where Trump won by less than one percentage point in 2016, the polls show the president losing a spot among older voters, white voters and – by far the biggest mom

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