US NEWS: Trump gets new Senate defense lawyers

Former United States President Donald Trump has announced new defense attorneys for the new trial, which will begin on February 9, in lieu of those who abruptly left the weekend.

Trial attorneys David Schoen and Bruce L Castor Jr. will lead the defense team, the Trump administration announced on Sunday evening, a day after the departure of five leading party members who reportedly had differences of opinion on the defense plan.

The announcement said the new defense team would argue that “this persecution is unconstitutional”. Earlier lawmakers had reportedly reported that the former president had pressured them to lose the election due to fraud, false claims that Trump, his lawyers and his allies had failed to establish more than sixty counts and numerous ballot counts and audits. .

Trump was ousted by the House of Representatives led by the Democratic Alliance on January 13, for urging his supporters to attack the American Capitol to prevent a joint session of Congress in securing the election victory of President Joe Biden. He was therefore the only president of the United States to be prosecuted twice.

Trump is also the first U.S. president to face a criminal charge after leaving office. The Senate, which is divided equally but controlled by Democrats by a vote to oust Deputy President Pamela Harris, will decide its fate in a case that begins on February 9.

“It is an honor to represent the 45th President, Donald J Trump, and the United States Constitution,” Schoen said.

And Castro added, “I consider it a privilege to represent the 45th President. The power of our Constitution is yet to be tested in an unprecedented way in our history. It is strong and durable. A text written for years, and will also win sharing again, and again and again. ”

They will go up against nine members of the Democratic House of Representatives led by the Democratic Alliance who have appointed Impeachment officials to prosecute the case in the Senate, with 100 members serving as judges. The case will be presided over by Patrick Leahy, a Democratic Senator member.

At least 17 divided Republican Senators will have to vote with 50 Democrats to meet the second of the three thresholds needed to judge the former president. Conviction will prevent him from seizing any government office, successfully closing another White House.

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