US NEWS: Trump handed down the defeat as the congress violated his veto protection law

Trump wanted to intimidate GOP senators into voting to strengthen his veto, launching a vicious attack on other Republicans as the chamber prepares to begin the escape process.

The US Congress has given Donald Trump a landslide victory, a two-way defeat in the run-up to his presidency, as the Republican-led Senate voted to block his $ 740.5 billion defense policy bill.

This is the first time that one of Trump’s votes has been reduced. On Twitter, in his first response to the release, Trump said the Senate had “missed the opportunity,” calling the effort “Pathetic !!”

The final figure was 81 to 13, easily surpassing the two-thirds requirement beyond the veto, with support from both Republicans and Democrats as was previously the case in the House. The current big step for defense authorization will now become law.

Trump wanted to intimidate GOP senators into voting to strengthen his veto, launching a vicious attack on other Republicans as the chamber prepares to begin the escape process.

The weak and tired Republican “leadership” will allow a bad Bill to pass, “Trump said on Twitter 29.” Talk about a better Bill, or find better leaders, NOW! “Added. On Saturday, Trump attacked Senator John Thune for the second time, proposing that Governor Kristin Noem re-run the Senate No. 2 Republican in South Dakota by 2022.

On Friday, ahead of the final vote, Senator Jack Reed, a Rhode Island Democrat, called on “all colleagues” to cancel Trump’s vote. Senate Armed Services chairman Jim Inhofe, a Republic of Oklahoma and a close ally of Trump, called the annual defense bill “the most important vote we have” and praised the left-wing spirit that went into it.

Senate vote followed by 322-87 House vote on December 28. Senate leaders had to overcome procedural obstacles after several senators, led by Bernie Sanders of Vermont, refused to agree to continue voting – part of their efforts to increase the number of epidemics to $ 2,000 from $ 600. In the current political turmoil, the increase has been driven by Trump and opposed by many Republicans.

Trump’s veto-exceeding votes show a growing rift between the president and other Republicans in the church, who stood by him in previous disputes, as his influence waned. Many GOP representatives, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, have in recent weeks seen Joe Biden as the winner of the presidential election.

‘Not an Option’

“It has never been more than 60 years since Congress allowed its differences to prevent it from completing the task of securing the security of our country and uniformed men and women,” McConnell said on Tuesday in the Senate floor in support of the veto vote. “For the courageous men and women of the United States military, failure is not the only option. So when it is time for Congress to address their failures, failure is not an option either. ”

While most of Trump’s voters remain loyal to the president, many Republican legislatures share concerns about his recent conduct. The split comes at a time of political crisis in the GOP – just days before two races run in Georgia that will determine Senate control.

Trump voted an annual defense measure, in part, because he wanted to adhere to a clause unrelated to repealing Section 230 of the Social Security Act, which protects technology companies from being responsible for much of the content published by their users. He cited Section 230 in a Twitter post on Saturday, saying it “gives unlimited power to Big Tech companies.”

Trump also opposed the bill because it contained a condition of renaming military recruits in honor of Confederate generals. And in his veto message, Trump called the bill a “gift” to China and Russia, without explicitly stating his views.

Benefits of Troop

The defense bill, HR 6395, is considered a passing law because it not only authorizes billions of dollars in weapons programs, but also benefits U.S. military. The rate will increase the risk of dangerous work to $ 275 from $ 250 a month.

It is a matter of double pride between members of the House and Senate Armed Services committees that the annual defense policy bill has now been suspended without fail for 60 consecutive years.

The President and others on the right have long accused social media of harassing people who keep rituals, which they deny technology. While representatives of both parties called for a change or abolition of Article 230, Trump’s allies also said it was the wrong place and the wrong time to fight that war.

The defense bill authorizes $ 732 billion in voluntary spending to protect the country, including $ 69 billion in overseas emergency services. It also authorizes funding for 93 F-35 aircraft built by Lokheed Martin Corp., 1 security contractor.

The law also establishes a commission that will research and make recommendations, within three years, for the removal of names, symbols, signs and reminders that honor or commemorate the Confederacy. It speaks of the diversity of the armed forces in the need to remove the identity of the people from the nomination and election categories, a move supported by Democratic Party representatives Jackie Speier of California and Anthony Brown of Maryland.

The defense strategy establishes a Pacific defense plan aimed at combating China’s influence in the region. Congress plans to approve $ 2.2 billion in a new effort to strengthen the U.S. defense force. Weapons and alliances in the region.

Lawmakers are heading to Russia with provisions that include additional sanctions on Turkey to buy a Russian-made archery program, as well as fines on the Nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline from Russia to Germany.

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