US NEWS: Trump has been facing the biggest test of the ‘king’s maker’ since leaving the White House

May 1 – The month of May brings Donald Trump a major test of his political influence since the end of his term as president, as he nominates Republican primaries to lay the groundwork for the mid-November congressional elections.

Trump candidates backed by Trump in Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina face practical and well-funded challenges that they want to nominate Republicans to run in the U.S. Senate. The former president also backed an opposition Republican governor of Georgia, who angered Trump by denying his false allegations that his defeat in the 2020 election was the result of fraud.

They are among the top leaders – and in the Senate, the most critical of the party – of the more than 150 candidates running for the state, federal, and local elections that Trump has approved this year. Their race will be closely monitored to see if there are any signs that Trump’s power in his party may diminish as he plays the love of running in the White House of 2024.

“It is important for him to maintain that view, and perhaps the truth, that he is the founder of the king in the Republican Party,” said Mike DuHaime, a Republican strategist, warning: “The Trump administration is still strong, but it will not fail.”

A victory in May by some of Trump’s most outspoken anti-Senate leaders, including former football star Herschel Walker in Georgia and television doctor Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania, would not guarantee victory in the November 8 general election and tensions could allow Democrats to hold on to their majority.

Voting indicates that at least one of Trump’s candidates in May, Senate candidate J.D. Vance in Ohio, is leading the run-up to his Tuesday election. But Oz follows his rival David McCormick ahead of the May 17 Pennsylvania meeting with former Senator David Perdue leaving Georgia Governor Brian Kemp in preparation for their May 24 reunion.

The inefficiency of Trump-backed candidates may not diminish his support for his main supporters. Ipsos’ vote last week showed 83% of Republicans favoring the former president and 40% said he was a good leader of their party, ahead of 25% of his closest rival in the 2024 election, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

“His power is tens of millions of affected voters nationwide,” said Justin Sayfie of Ballard Partners, a Florida-based company affiliated with Trump. “No matter what happens to the successful people, I don’t think it will change the common sense that he will be the frontrunner for the GOP election in 2024.”

Trump is expected to complete a mid-term spending plan with his huge military chest following competitions in Ohio and Pennsylvania, sources told last month.

A spokesman for Trump did not respond to a request for comment.

Trump surprised the Ohio Republican people on April 15 by authorizing Vance, a capitalist and author who was critical of the former president.

More than 40 Republican officials have written to Trump urging him not to support Vance, saying his history of criticizing Trump would be food for his Democratic Alliance rival.

Following Trump’s approval, a Fox News poll showed Vance jumping 12 percent in the previous election to gain 23% support for the first voters, while his rival Josh Mandel lost by 2 points to 18% in the election. However, 25% of voters said they were not ready.

In Pennsylvania, Trump’s April 9 Oz approval did little to move the vote, with a recent poll showing a strong race with former hedge fund CEO McCormick.

In a University of Monmouth election released last week, 61% of Pennsylvania Republicans said they were “more likely to” vote for McCormick compared to 51% in Oz.

In North Carolina, polls show Trump-backed Senate candidate Ted Budd leading a rival of former Governor Pat McCrory, although a crowded stadium in the race could force the July race.

In Georgia, Trump has despised the Republican establishment by urging Perdue to challenge Kemp, who angered Trump by confirming the results of the 2020 elections that show that President Joe Biden has defeated him in the province.

Perdue left Kemp by 20 points in a recent poll published by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

“Georgia will be the basis for a test of what the world will see: A time to turn the page,” said Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan, an anti-Trump Republican.

Even Trump’s faith in Perdue seems to be shaky. At a Georgia conference in March, Trump turned to Perdue and said: “I hope, David, you will be the governor. Or I just spent a lot of helluva time tonight.”

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