US NEWS: Trump has pointed to Wisconsin’s political crisis amid violence, ethnic unrest

WASHINGTON – Despite being warned not to leave, President Donald Trump is heading to Kenosha, Wisconsin on Tuesday to highlight the theme of his “law and order” campaign in a city inspired by protests after a black man was shot dead by a white police officer.

The Republican president, Joe Biden, who is contesting the Democratic Alliance’s presidential election campaign, has seen his voting gap with the former vice-president shrink amid ongoing protests over racial disrespect and the resulting violence.

Last week the Republican National Convention unveiled Biden as a leader whose policies will create more street turmoil. Biden and other Democrats have made it clear that the violence took place under Trump’s control and accused him of inciting discriminatory rhetoric.

Trump’s trip to Wisconsin, a political military base that he narrowly won in 2016, gives him an opportunity to emphasize his friendly state police presence in the province which he hopes to keep in his column for the November 3 election.

Trump praised the National Guard for helping end the violence in Kenosha and promised to send government assistance to other cities such as Portland, Oregon, which has been on strike for three months. The President did not make a recent visit to Oregon, a country that traditionally supports Democrats in presidential elections.

Biden, who is leading a national election but who has seen that benefit, is leading Trump in Wisconsin, according to RealClearPolitics polls.

On Monday he called for prosecutors and robbers to be prosecuted while criticizing Trump for the lack of moral leaders.

Protesters have destroyed businesses in Kenosha, the latest city where protests against apartheid and police brutality have led to violence by both political parties but Republicans want to blame Democrats.

While in Kenosha, Trump intends to assess the damage caused by the protests and meet with law enforcement officials and business owners, but is not scheduled to meet the family of Jacob Blake, who has been paralyzed from the waist down after the incident.

The governor and the mayor both urged Trump not to come to Kenosha to avoid tensions and allow its citizens to recover, but the president rejected the request.

He also defended a white man who shot dead three protesters during a street fight with an automatic rifle, killing two of them.

Trump has accused Bidden of providing “moral assistance” to those who destroyed and joined violent activists.

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