US NEWS: Trump has reviewed Covid’s good days ahead of the first presidential debate, the letter reveals

Former United States President Donald Trump was diagnosed with coronavirus, days before his first presidential debate with Joe Biden last year, according to a new letter written by his then-chief Mark Meadows. According to a UK daily newspaper – the Guardian, who received a copy of Meadows’ memoir, Trump was tested for Covid-19 three days before his September 29, 2020 election debate with Biden.

The first symptoms were mild and were considered feverish, the next book reports. Meadows also wrote that a good Covid-19 test was soon followed by a bad one, just before the presidential debate.

On October 2, Trump announced on Twitter that he and his wife Melania had been tested for Covid-19. However, in addition to the negative tests, as reported in the report, Trump became seriously ill with the virus and was airlifted to the presidential facility at Walter Reed National Military Medical Hospital the next day. He received intensive care for three nights there.

According to Meadows’ account, a positive result came when Trump left the White House for a rally in Pennsylvania on September 26.

The second test, which Meadows claims was the most accurate type, yielded a negative result soon after. Trump has taken this as “full permission” to continue his plan, which includes a night meeting and bid for Biden three days later, Meadows said in his letter.

Recent developments have raised new questions about Trump about the possible security risks facing delegates to this debate. If the allegations are substantiated, it will also show that the Trump administration, which has already been widely criticized for its negligence in controlling the epidemic, did not take the virus seriously.

According to the letter, Trump’s campaign did not inform debate organizers about the definitive test. “I did not want to scare the public,” Meadows wrote in a letter explaining why he had allowed Trump to continue with his plan after a second, negative review.

Trump, meanwhile, has denied the allegations. In a statement issued Wednesday, Trump said, “The fact that I had Covid before, or at the time, the first controversy was Fake News. In fact, the test revealed that I did not have Covid before the debate,” he said. .

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