US NEWS: Trump held an indoor campaign rally despite concerns about the coronavirus

HENDERSON, Nev.- President Donald Trump held a Nevada campaign rally in the interior on Sunday despite warnings from public health workers about major internal rallies during the outbreak of coronavirus.

Trump holds a house meeting despite concerns about the virus

Trump, a Republican, has insulted his opponent of the Democratic Alliance, former Vice President Joe Biden, claiming he is a drug addict and soft-spoken criminal.

People in the crowd were sitting together, and many were not wearing masks.

Trump has played down the virus in its early stages and has accepted and ignored advice from public health experts, who recommend wearing a mask and maintaining public distance to prevent its spread.

The presidential campaign has highlighted a meeting at a large warehouse in Henderson as an opportunity for supporters to exercise their right to peaceful assembly under the U.S. First Constitution.

Participants had to be warmed up before entering and given a mask they would be encouraged to wear, the campaign said.

“I think we are very safe here. I brought a mask but I didn’t see the need to wear it, ”said Ronda Livingston, 64.

“I’m not worried about it.”

Trump, who follows Biden at national and Nevada polling stations, has increased the frequency of his meetings in recent weeks, but has held most of them in outdoor areas or in large open airports to help reduce the risk.

Biden strongly criticized Trump for his response to the virus and promised a complete strategy to fight the disease if he succeeded Trump in the White House.

Trump is in the middle of a western swing that will include a campaign suspension in Arizona and a visit to California on Monday to be notified of the veld fire that is destroying the west coast.

Trump has beaten Biden by holding a number of events and marching under him in the run-up to the November 3 election.

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