US NEWS: Trump Nominee Gets Heard And City Hall Separates This Week’s 2020 Race

The hearing of Supreme Court Judge Amy Coney Barrett took place at Capitol Hill while President Trump and Joe Biden took part in city hall events.

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This was a week in which President Joe Biden’s leadership of President Trump remained firmly in the double-digit range, according to a number of national voting rates – including The Upshot’s calculator. Other reliable polls, including those released on Friday by The Associated Press / NORC, put Mr Biden’s lead at as high as 15 points.

Two New York Times / Siena College polls in the Carolinas showed Mr Biden running for president in North Carolina, 46 percent to 42 percent, while Mr. Trump held eight points to lead South Carolina. Winning North Carolina would be a great incentive for Mr. Biden, who is voting strongly in many states turning out as a strong bet. South Carolina will be icing the cake.

Candidates for the Democratic Senate outnumbered Republican incumbents in fundraising for key races across the country last week, including in Maine, where Sara Gideon announced she would raise $ 31 million more than Senator Susan Collins, the incumbent Republican.

Nielsen figures show 15.1 million viewers watched Joe Biden’s town hall event and 13.5 million watched President Trump’s event on NBC, MSNBC and CNBC.

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When NBC announced a city hall event with President Trump that was scheduled to coincide with the city’s ABC program with Democratic nominee Joseph Joseph Biden Jr., Democrats were outraged. Celebrities have spoken out, including their own NBC talent, and those who are free on social media are making good plans to boycott the event with the intention of sending a message to Mr Trump and the network.

Instead, the screen split between Mr. Trump and Mr. Biden in adjoining city halls painted a clear picture of the open election in front of American voters. Mr Biden was pressured on policy plans from climate change to criminal justice, underscoring his key message that Trump’s administration had missed out on the coronavirus epidemic. Mr. Trump also interviewed NBC’s Savannah Guthrie, the manager, refused to give specific answers about her diagnosis of coronavirus and whether she rejects QAnon’s violent theory. In the end, the difference was so great that one of Mr. Trump’s top advisers compared Mr. Biden’s town hall event with Fred Rogers ‘”Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” (though he said it was insulting). Even Democrats who had been wary of events at first learned a lesson Mr. Trump’s campaign group has learned, sometimes sadly: Not all airtime is useful to the president.

The President and his nominee danced around

A screening of separatist cases to convince Judge Amy Coney Barrett that took place at Capitol Hill while Mr Trump was speaking directly to voters raises questions for both the president and his nominee in the Supreme Court on how much they can expect in the coming months.

Had Mr. Trump had checked on Judge Barrett, when it came to political issues such as the overthrow of Roe v. Wade, or how to rule in a future case that could determine the future of the Affordable Care Act? Can Mr. Trump expect Judge Barrett to rule on him if a dispute over the November 3 election comes before the Supreme Court? Both Mr. Trump and Judge Barrett were asked those questions this week, and both said there had never been a promise of loyalty – demanded or granted.

“It will be entirely up to him,” Mr. Trump told NBC on Thursday night. “I would think that he would be able to bring me back or even oppose me. I don’t see any conflict. “Judge Barrett, for his part, said he would not” allow me to be used as a platform to decide this election for the American people. ” But here’s what the president said.

Mr Trump said the Supreme Court could decide the outcome of the election. He also said he wants Judge Barrett to be confirmed by Election Day, in part because he considers the election results to be controversial and “counts” in court to “look at the votes.”

You have clarified about the Affordable Care Act. Mr Trump said he wanted judges who would do “the right thing” and make the health care law null and void. Judge Barrett said last week: “I did not come here to violate the Affordable Care Act. I’m just here to enforce the law and follow the law. ”

Mr. Trump has made it very clear that he rewards loyalty. The President did not pardon his first-time attorney, Jeff Sessions, for withdrawing from the Russian investigation, mocking him for the decision for years. In recent weeks, he has even publicly criticized William P. Barr, the current attorney general, because the Justice Department’s investigation into the Obama administration found no wrongdoing and did not bring criminal charges. And the Supreme Court has never been barred from criticism by these authorities. Deputy President Mike Pence in August insulted Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. called the “embarrassment of the old men” after he was on the side of the Democratic nominees in a series of cases.

Trump meetings are under the microscope

President Trump’s plan from now until Election Day is to pack as many physically and financially as possible (Air Force One is not a cheap proposal for a financially difficult campaign). to advance his chances of re-election in the last days of the race.

Times of preaching to converts at airports in battlefield regions are no longer broadcast on national television, and much of their attention is drawn to pictures of people crowding together, most of them without a mask.

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