US NEWS: Trump opens an office to ‘continue’ with his administration’s agenda

Former President Donald Trump has opened an office to “advance American interests and pursue the interests” of his administration, according to a statement released Monday night.

Former campaign manager and former president, Brad Parscale, has created a new email distribution system for one of his private companies Trump’s statements because the 2020 email campaign infrastructure has been suspended by his former vendor, Camp Monitor, according to two people familiar with the matter.

Dozens of technology platforms have attracted Trump’s accounts or groups, including those on Twitter, Facebook, Shopify, Twitch and Instagram, following the January 6 riot of Trump supporters in support of the US Capitol.

A statement from the Office of Donald J. Trump was issued less than an hour before the House of Democrats went to the U.S. Capitol to present a case against the former Senate president. That marks Trump’s second indictment. He is accused of mobilizing a crowd that entered the Capitol when Congress was about to confirm the results of the election defeated by Joe Biden.

One of Parscale’s companies, Nucleus, is developing an email distribution system aimed at deterring foreign merchants. Aides want to prevent media companies from silencing or “canceling” Trump in the future, one of the people said.

A letter from the statement indicated that the office would be based in Palm Beach, where Trump had relocated after leaving the White House last week. According to the statement, “the office will be responsible for administering President Trump’s letters, public statements, appearances, and official duties to further the interests of the United States and to achieve the objectives of the Trump administration through mobilization, planning, and civilization.”

Later, in a statement issued by the Save America political committee formed after the election, Trump authorized his former secretary of state, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, to the governor of Arkansas. He announced he was running Monday.

And on Monday, Trump’s adviser said he had no plans to leave the Republican Party to pursue a third party.

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