US NEWS: Trump rallies supporters in Nevada, seeking to win Biden’s leadership in the province

MINDEN, Nev. – Republican President Donald Trump rallied his supporters in Nevada on Saturday in a bid to bolster support in a province where elections show his Democratic Alliance rival Joe Biden is ahead.

Using a list of complaints about Democrats, the media, and postal voting, Trump spoke to a crowd of thousands at the airport outside Reno where people stood alone and, in many cases, did not wear masks despite the coronavirus epidemic.

The president is determined to stay in office for 12 years, although there are constitutional restrictions on US presidents for more than two, four years.

“We will win another four years at the White House and after that we will negotiate, it is not, because maybe, depending on how we were treated, maybe we have the right to get another four years after that,” he said.

Trump also accused Democrats of trying to “rig” the November 3 election and beat Biden with an advertisement criticizing Trump for allegedly making derogatory remarks about the U.S. war. She is dead. Trump has denied making the remarks.

“Now I can be really cruel,” the President said, expressing his displeasure with the ad and calling Biden a “miserable man.”

Trump follows the former vice-president in the national and Nevada elections, in which the former architect and television star lost a man nominated as Democratic Alliance president Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Biden blamed Trump for failing to put in place a national strategy to fight the disease, which has killed more than 193,000 people in the United States.

The president, who praised his decision to ban China’s departure earlier this year by saving lives, publicly exposed the virus in the early months of 2020 and is seeking a reopening of the economy soon after the spring closure.

“The Nevadans do not need any further impeachment from the president, nor do they need his reckless meetings to ignore the facts of COVID-19 and endanger public health,” Biden said in a statement on Saturday.

“Nevada families need solutions – from the scourge of the epidemic to the economic recovery back to making quality health care more accessible to millions of Americans.”

The president has increased his number of campaign rallies in recent weeks, keeping them in aircraft hangar or out because of the risk of the spread of coronavirus. Thousands of supporters have been on the scene, many of them not living far from the congregation or covering their faces.

Trump has campaign events planned for Nevada and Arizona during a three-day Western exchange that will include a standoff in California on Monday for a forum on destructive fires that ravage the West Coast.

The President is flooded with money laundering, and, amid concerns that his campaign is facing a shortage of funds, has led to the reinstatement of television advertising in key countries.

A Republican official said $ 18 million would be spent over the weekend on events in Washington and Nevada.

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