US NEWS: Trump said to slow down the testing . Yet they Test And Test Trump Said on US Covid-19 surge

US President Donald Trump sparked controversy again after revealing that he had asked the Covid-19 party to drop the test to lower the agreement. He pointed out that several tests produce an unprecedented number of cases, according to a Reuters report.

The President has repeatedly charged that the increase in Covid-19 infections is a result of the aggressive testing model adopted in the United States.

In his first public meeting since a nationwide rally in March, Trump told a crowd in Tulsa, Oklahoma that the test was a sharp sword.

The US – with more deaths and cases than any other country – has conducted nearly 27 million coronavirus tests, ranking them 26th in the world, on average, according to a Reuters report.

Trump has suppressed his rallies during the global crisis as the United States will hold elections in November 2020, when Trump is the presumptive ambassador for the Republicans.

“Here’s the bad part: If you test this level, you’ll find more people, you’ll get more charges,” Trump said.

So I said ‘drop the test down.’ They test and they test, ”he adds.

It’s unclear how Trump’s voice would have played out in the crowd, which smiled as he spoke, even if he intended.

Coronavirus cases are in crisis in some areas, including Oklahoma, and state health officials have called on Trump to postpone the meeting because he fears it will have a negative effect on the spread.

Six members of the morning group who worked in Tulsa before the meeting were tested for Covid-19, the Trump campaign said just hours before the president took over.

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