US NEWS: Trump says it ‘sounds like a good idea’ that his face is carved to Mount Rushmore

Donald Trump denies that the White House was looking at such a plan, but it shows its presidency and puts the idea that it is “good”.

Donald Trump has denied reports by the White House asking about the removal of his face from Mount Rushmore next to previous U.S. grams – but then quickly suggested that it “sounds like a good idea”.

According to the New York Times, an official went to the office of South Dakota governor Kristi Noem last year to find out what the “official process” of adding a president to a national memorial has in common with four of the country’s most famous leaders.

Trump on Monday dismissed the report as “false news” on the titter, but continued to praise the success of his presidency.

He returned to Touch: “It never suggests that, however, depending on all the many accomplishments during the first Three and half years, perhaps more than any other President, it sounds like a good idea to me!”

Mr. Trump has previously thought about his face on Mount Rushmore alongside George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln.

According to the Argus leader, Ms. Noem said that in an interview with Mr. Trump in 2018 she told him that it was her “dream” to have her face on Mount Rushmore.

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