US NEWS: Trump says North Carolina voters should vote twice; and by post, once in person

U.S. President Donald Trump suggested Wednesday that voters in the state of North Carolina should vote twice in the November election, once by voting and by post, to ensure their vote is counted.

“So, let them send it and let them go and vote,” Trump said in an interview with WECT-TV in Wilmington, North Carolina, when asked about the security of incoming votes.

“Putting two votes is illegal. “Don’t listen to the president,” the American Civil Liberties Union said on Twitter.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr said on Wednesday that votes sent by post in the November 3 election could be at risk of fraud, echoing Trump’s controversial allegations of postal voting.

Trump once said that the voting system is at high risk of massive fraud, although experts say voter fraud of any kind is not uncommon in the United States.

Post voting is not new in the United States – about one in four people voted in 2016 that way.

A record number of postal voting is expected in the November 3 election due to concerns about voter turnout during the coronavirus epidemic.

Trump has accused Democrats of trying to steal the election by pressuring the use of postal voting. Trump’s re-election campaign has recently sued countries like New Jersey and Nevada for increasing access to postal voting.

Democrats have said Trump and other Republicans are trying to pressure a vote to help their side.

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