US NEWS: Trump Sending Foreign troops to Chicago,

The delegate’s agency will differ in scale from that of the heavily criticized government forces in Portland, Oregon

Washington, DC : U.S. President Donald Trump talks about ‘Operation Legend: Fighting Violent Crime in American Cities’ in the East White House Room July 22, 2020 in Washington, DC. In an effort to describe himself as the President of ‘law and order’, Trump has announced that he is expanding the Department of Justice’s ‘Operation Legend’ program in Chicago and Albuquerque. Although local and state officials have rejected the request for help, U.S. Attorney General William Barr plans to send the FBI, the US Marshal Service, Drug Enforcing Administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Guns and Grenades to assist law enforcement in Illinois and the United States. New Mexico.

In an effort to describe himself as ‘Law and order’ President, Trump has announced that he is expanding the Department of Justice’s ‘Operation Legend’ program in Chicago and Albuquerque.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP will send a public service interview to Chicago and Albuquerque, New Mexico, to curb violent crime in recent administrative efforts to intervene in local law enforcement as Trump continues to send a “order” message ahead of the November election. The deployment of government troops comes amid ongoing protests against police brutality, and others are being asked to donate some money to police departments and social services and other public programs.

It is also accompanied by widespread criticism of the actions of joint military officers from the Department of Homeland Security in Portland, Oregon. Troops in Portland, tasked with defending the federal court, used the power of protesters and used unmarked vehicles to arrest the protesters. The videos show government troops, wearing smart gears, beating and using tear gas on protesters.

At a press conference he announced the measures, Trump said the government “has no choice but to get involved” in cities where crime is rampant. Trump has repeatedly denounced Democrats as a weakness in crime and has indicated he continues to support law enforcement legislation in protests across the country. Chicago and other Democrat-led cities have always been commonplace.

The deployment of agents in Chicago and Albuquerque is the culmination of the “Operation Legend” program, which started for the first time in Kansas City, Missouri, this summer. It is not uncommon for a federal government to send government agents to certain cities to help enforce the law, but the size of the planned supply is not negligible. Barr announced a similar effort in seven cities in December.

The Department of Justice will send more than 100 investigators from several agencies to Chicago, while another U.S.-American states will oversee operations within the city. DHS will also provide at least 100 agents already established in Chicago for the program. Those agents will focus on criminal gangs, narcotic trafficking, gun smuggling and other violent crimes.

In Albuquerque, the DOJ will send 25 investigators from various agencies to work with local law enforcement, and up to 10 agents from DHS will also assist.The DoJ also provides cities with millions of dollars to hire more police officers.

Attorney General William Barr and Home Affairs Minister Chad Wolf both stressed on Wednesday that working in Chicago and Albuquerque was inconsistent and different at the same rate as the highly criticized meeting in Parliament.

Reports revealed earlier this week that the coalition government was planning to send more than 100 agents to Chicago, prompting immediate action from Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot ,it became clear that the agents would not be sent to work with protesters or protesters to end it.

“Unlike what happened in Portland, we will receive the resources that we will put into existing organizations that we regularly work with to help support and manage violent crime in our city,” Lightfoot told a news conference.

She also added that he and other leaders remain concerned and will step in if the situation changes.”It has always been clear that we welcome direct cooperation,” he said. “But we do not accept state control. We do not accept leadership, and we do not accept arbitrary arrests and detentions. I will not tolerate that.”

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