US NEWS: Trump supporters are taking to the streets as he pushes false election claims

WASHINGTON – Supporters of President Donald Trump will take to the streets on Saturday to support his unsubstantiated allegations of electoral fraud as he continues with a series of lengthy legal challenges to reversing President-elect President Joe Biden’s victory.

Trump has been slow in court for his crimes and for the first time on Friday began to sound skeptical about his hopes, telling reporters “time will tell” who holds the White House since January 20.

There have been other protests in support of Trump across the country since Biden was declared the winner on November 7, but they were small and occurred on a few occasions.

Protests in support of Trump in Washington and other cities are set to include a combination of presidential aides, people on the far right and members of the Oath Keepers militia and the Proud Boys in public demonstrations in support of his bid to stay in power.

Organizers have given the meetings various names, including Million MAGA March, Trump’s March and Stop the Steal. MAGA is an adjective of Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.” Trump posted his support on Twitter.

Some left-wing groups planned protests in Washington and other cities.

Biden reaffirmed his victory on Friday as results from Edison Research show he had won Georgia, giving him the final 306 votes in the Electoral College, far more than the 270 he needed to run for president and Trump’s 232.

The 306 votes were equal to what Trump had won when he defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, and then called it “the mud of the earth.”

Trump has been briefly seen approving the possibility of leaving the White House in January while speaking at a White House party.

‚ÄúThis program will not end. Hopefully, eh, whatever happens next – who knows what the administration will be like? I think time will tell, “Trump said in his first public statement since Biden was declared the winner of last week’s election.

As the election results become clearer, Trump has consulted with potential advisers for the media and appearances that could keep him shining ahead of the 2024 White House bid, aides said.

He is considering starting a television station or communications company to compete with those who feel betrayed and reduce his ability to communicate directly with Americans, according to several advisers.

In the near future, Trump is expected to campaign for Republican candidates in Georgia ahead of the recent January 5 general election that will determine which party controls the U.S. Senate.

Trump has refused to allow Biden and said he has no evidence that he has been deceived by widespread electoral fraud. Government election officials do not report irregularities, and a few of his legal challenges have failed in court.

A state court in Michigan on Friday dismissed a request by Trump supporters to block the election in Detroit, which is closely linked to Biden. And Trump’s campaign lawyers dismissed the case in Arizona after the final vote count.

Security officials at the state election did not find any evidence that any voting, lost or altered voting system, “whether or not it has been disrupted in any way,” two security groups said in a statement released Thursday by the leading U.S. security agency.

To win a second term, Trump will need to change Biden’s leadership in at least three states, but has so far failed to produce evidence that he can do any of these.

Countries face a December 8 deadline to confirm their elections and elect candidates for the Electoral College, which will officially elect a new president on December 14.

Trump’s refusal to accept defeat has halted legal reform. The federal agency, which provides funding to the incumbent president, the General Services Administration, has yet to see Biden’s victory, depriving him of access to government office and services.

But Biden, who will be meeting with advisors on Saturday’s change in his homeland of Delaware, has continued the process, highlighting legal priorities, reviewing the policies of government agencies and preparing to fill thousands of jobs in the new government.

“We are pushing for change,” said Jen Psaki, a senior adviser to Biden’s transformation team, who said while pressuring Biden it still needed “real-time” information from Trump officials to deal with the dreaded coronavirus epidemic and national security threats.

Although the popular national vote did not determine the outcome of the election, Biden was ahead with more than 5.3 million votes, or 3.4 percent. His share of popular vote, at 50.8%, was slightly higher than that of Ronald Reagan of 1980 when he defeated incumbent Jimmy Carter.

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