US NEWS: Trump touches Republican meeting in the second quarter of the White House

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump will make a second term in the White House on Thursday with a keynote address at the Republican National Convention emphasizing his record in office and presenting the process for the next four years.

The speech by a New York businessman in White House South Lawn, an unusual venue for the suspects’ event, will mark a four-day conference that has seen him as a leader who can restore order after months of protests over racial injustice and revitalize the economy and eradicate the coronavirus.

Trump wants to reverse the re-election campaign already marred by the epidemic, which has killed more than 178,000 people in the United States and killed millions of Americans at work.

Two months before the November 3 election, Democrat Joe Biden is leading in part because of public dissatisfaction with Trump’s handling of the health crisis.

Trump, a former television presenter, and his advisers suspended his speech through the eyes of producers. He will address the nation and the White House as his backbone, criticizing critics who say he is investigating common sense by conducting a political event for reasons such as this history.

The president, who has faced criticism earlier this year for not explaining the clear idea of ​​a second term, will be discussing his policy plans on Thursday and in future speeches on the campaign trail, a campaign official said.

Firefighters are expected to take place beyond the Washington monument near Trump’s speech to welcome his party’s president. He will call a large crowd on the grass without warnings about such rallies as a result of the epidemic, which has forced both political parties to reduce their meetings and change events frequently.

Trump’s campaign says precautionary measures will be taken to combat coronavirus. The president often boasts of his great crowd; his campaign has severely ended his signing meetings due to the virus.

On Thursday, in a protest rally, Democratic Alliance vice-president Kamala Harris plans to deliver a speech in Washington describing the Republican convention as a distraction from the White House report.

“One of the things I will talk about is that they are fake but they are not realistic,” Harris said during a fundraising event on Wednesday. “People are sad. They mourn the loss of loved ones in death. They mourn the loss of jobs. They mourn the loss of normalcy and resilience. ”

Democrats have condemned Trump’s violent response to demonstrations following the assassination of George Floyd, an unarmed black man in Minneapolis.

On Wednesday Trump said he was sending a coalition law with the National Guard to Kenosha, following violent protests in the wake of the recent black man, Jacob Blake, by police. The Republicans at the meeting welcomed his “legal and orderly approach” and accused Biden of lying about “wanting to get the police money back.”

Republican officials had promised an uplifting and hopeful meeting this week, though many speakers use their time to paint striking drawings of chaos and the arrival of violence in the United States when Democrats defeat the White House.

Trump released last week Monday accusing Democrats of trying to steal the election by defending a no-vote vote. His post-apocalyptic speeches also emphasized bad themes, including his launch address in January 2017 describing “American genocide.”

Other speakers scheduled for Thursday include Republican Leader Mitch McConnell; Secretary for Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson; Attorney Rudy Giuliani, a fierce critic of the Biden, and religious leader Franklin Graham.

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