US NEWS: Trump wants to re-launch campaigns with ‘hopeful’ rally

WASHINGTON / CHARLOTTE, NC – Republicans will make their debts this week that the US economic and political future depends on the re-election of Donald Trump at a party rally to highlight his pre-epidemic record as president and sow doubts about his opponent Joe Biden.

Contrary to the aftermath of the coronavirus epidemic that has killed more than 175,000 Americans here, and the economic downturn that has also seen millions of job losses and Trump’s erosion of voting, Republicans are plotting something invisible in part, in addition to someone added here by Trump. family members include the president speaking every night.

The four-day meeting will focus on Trump’s first-term dress and promise to do more in the second, said White House officials and party officials, who did not provide details about his policy plans.

The event follows last week’s Democratic National Convention nominating Biden, former president, and Senator Kamala Harris. Democrats, originally scheduled to meet in Milwaukee, held the first rally ever held due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Biden, 77, is leading Trump, 74, in a run-off election before the Nov. 3 election. Biden and his fellow Democrats have portrayed Trump as a force of darkness, chaos and deprivation, while emphasizing Democrats’ diversity and values ​​such as “compassion” and “unity.”

The Republicans say their conference will deliver a message promising to emphasize “law and order,” gun rights, tax cuts and forgotten American men and women.

“We want to improve the mood this week at DNC,” White House adviser and former Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told reporters on Friday. “We need to be promoted. We need to feel more confident and confident.”

But with this unpredictable epidemic, the good news has always been available to Trump and his party. His performance as President was widely criticized by Biden and former President Barack Obama at a democratic conference, a party that saw great success.

Trump continues to receive low marks from the public in his handling of the virus. The Biden campaign said Trump and his allies would try to change the subject.

“What they will not hear is what American families urgently need and are forced to travel abroad for more than seven consecutive months: any concerted strategy to overcome the epidemic,” Bates said.


The president, who was a true star on television, plans to hold several events here with the audience in person during the Republican convention, unlike the Democrats, who showed pre-approved segments or delivered speeches in less crowded spaces to avoid the spread of the party. coronavirus.

Trump will travel Monday to North Carolina, where the meeting was originally scheduled to take place, where other activities are still being considered. His nightly speeches have divided us into the traditions of both parties, with the nominee taking a low profile before the welcome speech on the last night of the meeting.

The difference between Trump and Biden is “huge,” Pennsylvania Republican chairman Lawrence Tabas said Sunday. Trump is “strong, optimistic and powerful. In Biden’s speech, he was confused and did not seem to have the strength, spirit or hope.”

On Tuesday, Trump’s wife, Melania, will deliver a speech from the White House, with Deputy President Mike Pence following Wednesday from the Baltimore historic site in Fort McHenry.

Trump will accept his party’s nomination Thursday night from White House South Lawn with a large crowd present, which is an area criticized by Democrats for overspending on public property.

“Trump has four days to make two charges. The first is ‘we know what we’re doing and we’re doing a good job, obviously affected by the virus,'” said Constantin Querard, president of Grassroots Partner, an Arizona political adviser. .

“And then you have to knock on the Democracy ticket as far away as you can,” he said

Trump, who uses nicknames and descriptions that have demeaned his opponents, looks forward to his attack on Biden, often quoting him as “Joe is asleep,” at a retaliatory address after the Democratic Alliance meeting ended last week.

“Joe Biden has badly announced the American Dark Ages. And yet, look at what we have done. Until the outbreak, see what we have achieved,” Trump told supporters on Friday. “When Joe Biden sees American Darkness, I see the greatness of America.”

Peter Trubowitz, a professor at the American Center for the London School of Economics, said he expected the people of the Republic to attack “with a full attack on Biden’s resilience” throughout the conference

“It will be under his age … and more about questioning his ‘freedom’ in the Democracy positions that the Trump campaign describes as ‘arical,’ ‘socialist,’ and a threat to law and order,” he wrote.

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