US NEWS: U.S. House of Representatives details on the case against former Trump aide Meadows

WASHINGTON, Dec 12 – Mark Meadows, a former chief of staff of the Republican President Donald Trump, said in an email ahead of the January 6 Capitol violence that the US National Guard “would protect Trump’s supporters,” the congressional committee said. in a report released Sunday.

The U.S. House of Representatives Committee investigating the deadly violence recommends in the report that Meadows was prosecuted for refusing to cooperate fully with his investigation. The committee is expected to vote on the matter on Monday.

Jan Meadow email by Jan. 5 about the National Guard, in which he indicated that soldiers would be present and others would be waiting, was one of the issues the committee had hoped to ask him about, the report said.

Meadows has repeatedly been summoned to appear in court before a Democratic Alliance-led committee and has refused to do so despite being summoned. Although he has submitted some of the information requested by the council, he has withheld many documents, saying they are protected because his testimony may be compounded by the official’s right to work for the president.

“To be clear, Mr Meadows’ failure to do so, along with this contemptuous recommendation, is not based on disagreements over rights immunizations,” the committee said.

“Instead, Mr. Meadows has failed to comply and authorizes the contempt consequences because he has refused to appear and testify.”

A member of the House before joining Trump’s administration, Meadows could be the third ally of the former Republican president to face charges of contempt. The Department of Justice, at the request of the House, has already filed a lawsuit against former Trump schemer Steve Bannon. The House is also considering a similar action against former Justice Department official Jeffrey Clark.

Meadows has filed a lawsuit against the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, and the Select Committee, alleging breach of legal protection of the senior adviser to the president and the use of extremely subpoenas to obtain his telephone information.

Trump, at a rally on January 6, reiterated his baseless allegations that his loss to Democratic Alliance President Joe Biden in the November 2020 election was the result of a fraud, and urged his supporters to march to the Capitol.

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