US NEWS: U.S. President-elect Biden rips Trump’s record on ethanol

NEW YORK – Democratic Alliance nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday attacked President Donald Trump’s record on ethanol, saying his executives’ latest steps to help the industry were too small, too late and too obvious in politics.

Trump’s campaign spokesman did not immediately comment on Biden’s remarks.

Criticism of the former vice-president underscored the political significance of ethanol, a fuel-based maize, ahead of the November 3 election, and came as both campaigns sought to win Farm Belt voters.

Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency said on Monday it had rejected a number of requests from demolition refiners that would have independently saved them from their binding obligations under national biofuel policy.

The order has been touted as a victory for corn farmers, who sell their high yields on the ethanol market and who have been hit hard by the effects of Trump’s trade wars.

Under the Renewable Fuel Standard, refineries must consolidate billions of gallons of biofuels such as ethanol into the national gasoline, or purchase bills from those who do so.

Small institutions can apply for exemptions if they can prove that they could be financially damaged in terms of needs.

The Trump administration has tripled the amount of concessions it has given analysts, and has given them to high-profile corporations such as Exxon Mobil Corp and investor and billionaire Carl Icahn.

The Biden team has been advised in recent weeks from partners to take a firm stand on biofuel funding,earlier. The Biden campaign said it had planned a media announcement on Wednesday about ethanol, led by Midwestern politicians.

Biden’s statement on Tuesday also slammed Trump for not announcing any decision by mixing volume obligations under next year’s RFS, or a decision on waiver requests for years of compliance with the 2019 and 2020 laws.

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