US NEWS: U.S. Supreme Court removes the snow challenge of regional and local tax cuts

April 18 – The United States Supreme Court on Monday dismissed an application by four Democratic Alliance-based regions to remove state and local tax revenues set out as part of the 2017 tax reform under former Republican President Donald Trump.

The judges rejected an appeal in New York, Connecticut, Maryland and New Jersey after a lower court dismissed their case. The lower court ruled that the U.S. Congress has extensive authority over taxes and has not violated the U.S. Constitution. by setting a limit of $ 10,000 on the national and local taxes that people can deduct from state income tax refunds.

The administration of Democratic Alliance President Joe Biden opposed four states.

The tax deduction limit, known as the SALT cap, was part of a Trump-sponsored federal tax law that reduced business tax rates and used tax cuts for individuals, tax experts say they have greatly benefited wealthy Americans.

Democrats opposed the law, which was expected to reduce the organisation’s revenue by $ 1.5 trillion in 10 years. Tax calculations negatively affect high taxes, provinces that are heavily dependent on the Democratic Alliance, and New York estimates that their taxpayers will pay $ 121 billion in additional corporate taxes from 2018 to 2025.

The four states sued Trump administration in 2018, calling the decision an unconstitutional attempt to undermine the provincial tax authorities and force Democratic Alliance-dependent states to reduce taxes and services they pay.

The Manhattan-based US Supreme Court of Appeal last year dismissed provincial disputes, ruling that they did not show that their injuries were serious enough to cause constitutional violations.

Most of the 2017 individual tax conditions, including the SALT cap, expire after 2025.

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