US NEWS: Unemployment Benefits Set For Expiration As GOP Delay Introduces Bill.

The $ 600 federal benefit will expire on July 31 and the extension agreement could expire in weeks.

MIAMI SPRINGS, FLORIDA: Carlos Ponce joins other protesters participating in a protest asking Senators to support the continuation of unemployment benefits on July 16, 2020 in Miami Springs, Florida. Protesters have called on Senators to support a new Schumer / Wyden law that adds benefits to unemployment for all Americans as the coronavirus continues to wreak havoc on the economy.

The protester held a sign at a show in Miami Springs, Fla., On July 16. Many Americans will receive their final paycheck for work this weekend.

IN MARCH, CONGRESS put an end to evictions and gave unemployed Americans more than $ 600 in unemployment benefits but after four months, those safety nets ended up without receiving money from another coronavirus aid package.

Now, with millions of unemployed Americans and the coronavirus continuing to spread rapidly, the improved benefits of $ 600 a week will expire on July 31, when the majority of unemployed Americans receive their last supplement over the weekend. While those who receive unemployment insurance will still be able to receive state benefits, the loss of additional benefits comes when the monthly unemployment rate stands at 11%, with more than 17 million people. At present, there is no clear timeline that – or if – the full benefits will be reimbursed by lawmakers.

In addition, landlords across the country are in danger of being evicted by the closure on Friday, July 24.

According to a report from the COVID-19 Eviction Defense Project, approximately 110 million employers in the U.S. And one in five could be evicted on September 30. Other provinces and cities, however, have been extended an eviction notice beyond July.

With improved benefits of unemployment and closure closures, Congress wanted this week to end talks over its latest coronavirus aid package, but bipartisan negotiations erupted as Republicans delayed the passage of their bill even amid deep internal divisions.

Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky was expected to introduce the bill on Thursday but was fined until next week as Senate Republicans voiced disagreements over details with Trump’s administration over the weekend. The leadership has faced stiff opposition from some members fighting for the rights of a $ 1 billion building bill after Congress spent $ 3 billion on previous coronavirus aid.

“Managers have asked for more time to review the relevant details, but we will drop the proposal early next week,” McConnell said Thursday afternoon. “We have an agreement on the shape of the package face.”

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin revealed more details about the bill on Thursday, assuring reporters that the law would not prioritize President Donald Trump over the tax holidays. The President had previously threatened to vote for a bill that did not include it, but the removal of the tax is facing opposition from emergencies because it would not help unemployed Americans who are no longer working for corporate payments.

While there is still uncertainty about the amount of the best employment benefit, it is all guaranteed that any additional federal-related benefits will be below the $ 600 average under the GOP program. Mnuchin presented a proposal on Thursday that workers could get about 70% of their previous money. The people of the Republic and the White House are opposed to the available funding, saying it makes it harder for people to get a job because some Americans earn more than they did when they were hired.

In addition, Republicans are planning to propose a second round of direct payments, which are more than just Democrats. In the last round, most people received $ 1,200 checks.

“The appointment of the President at the moment is to get money out of the hands of the American people immediately and one of the problems with tax cuts is taking time, so we are very focused on direct payments,” Mnuchin told reporters outside the USA. White House Thursday.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California and Senate Minerals leader Chuck Schumer of New York blamed Republicans for emergency funding, noting that the Democrats had passed their $ 3 trillion coronavirus bill in late May. A bill tabled by the House, now prominently in the Senate, will add $ 600 each week until January 2021.

“This weekend, millions of Americans will lose their unemployment insurance, risk being evicted from their homes, and be evicted by the national and local governments, and there is only one reason: Republicans have been crying in the United States for months.

“We were expecting to work all weekend to find common ground on the new COVID reaction package,” the statement said. “It is unacceptable for Republicans to have all this opportunity to reach an agreement between them and continue to fill.”

Once the GOP releases its bill, bipartisan talks will begin in earnest but trade may last for a few weeks.

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