US NEWS: US Election 2020 ‘Basement Biden’ remains humble as it closes last prize

As the campaign draws to a close, the 2020 candidate will benefit by allowing Donald Trump to speak louder.

What is Joe Biden’s game?

The man who tried to overthrow Donald Trump and win the presidency spent many years in his basement.

Never in America has ever seen a candidate spend so many hours away from home.

Last month he hit something special in the campaign trail, and hunted down again in recent days.

He always points to safety – his party hopes voters will recognize and reward his intelligence.

But maybe there are some subtle tactics they use – let Mr. Trump speak and make mistakes, so Joe doesn’t have to.

His opponent could describe life in the village of the former vice president in Wilmington as a good one right now.

The theater in the area where his team has built a studio for special events, shows hidden signs of health.

There are rumors that the restaurant we eat across the street may use it on election night.

It’s about humility as you can get the political anointing that can happen when you think of a glass-covered college Hillary Clinton’s well-chosen New York.

But this is a man who will run for office through large gatherings and showtimes – a man who adheres to restoring order and normalcy in American political life.

Holding a starless COVID-fest will not help him at all.

Voting will tell you Biden’s prudent strategy pays off profits – you earn two digits nationally.

But down in the slippery local park in Wilmington, young voters sounded unhappy or worried about his remote publicity.

Michael has taken a different approach, claiming that Biden has gone through politics and excluded him from “health abuse”, however.

As you head north from the Delaware River to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, there is little doubt about the key to the swing state.

And also to Joe Biden. You need a large number of voting among black and Latin voters in urban centers like this. It can make or break him.

And Albert is confident that he will find it.

He insists the Democrats will get “big numbers,” and that all his friends are voting and that Biden will do much better with white people than Clinton.

Why? I ask her. “Because I think a lot of people think what I think – if Biden is elected president there will be no wall-building talk after the first year.”

Democratic strategists believe that four years of racial segregation in the United States and major demographic changes involving a growing number of Spaniards will make a difference in this regard.

The fact that he wrote to Barack Obama to cut him out of the city today, however, is proof that his party knows he needs to be promoted.

It is a wish to add resilience to one of America’s most famous political figures while reminding everyone of Biden who works alongside him.

There is also an unintended rhetoric he may get in the form of voting by his former boss in 2008.

That would be surprising for a white man in his 70’s who has a mixed record in the race and can say more at this time than anyone else.

Walking for an hour in leafy Bucks County is one of his main challenges; assuring urban voters, who left the Democrats in 2016, that they could be trusted.

That means closing the gap on educated white people.

He does not need to completely change this practice, but he needs to seriously remove Trump’s grievance among them.

Karen, a bidder for Biden, tells me what she needs: “She must clearly find that she is a middle ground, and that she is balanced – in order to allay the fears of unscrupulous people, that they will vote for welfare.”

Critics of Biden called him a cartoon of progress.

His supporters regard him as a trustworthy caregiver who will deliver them from disaster.

You are far from the candidate. He does not represent a new generation of leadership.

But his best bet and possibly his best chance of winning, is that his opposition to Donald Trump is enough to speak to the new era and raise the call for change.

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