US NEWS: US Election 2020 Donald Trump denies apparent debate with Joe Biden to throw plans at disaster

Donald Trump has thrown out plans for his second presidential debate with Democratic Alliance opponent Joe Biden after saying he would not take part in a visible event.

The President’s announcement came less than an hour after the organizers announced that the debate would be almost over.

The Presidential Disputes Commission said the decision was taken “to protect the health and safety of all concerned”, and a coronavirus presidential test came just days after the controversy began last week.

The commission said the two candidates would appear in a second TV interview, scheduled for next Thursday, at different locations.

But, in an interview shortly after the announcement, Mr Trump said: “I will not make a definite argument.”

He told that the program was “unacceptable to us”, adding: “I will not waste my time on the debate, it is not about what the debate is about.

“You sit at the back of the computer and have a debate? That’s ridiculous. Then they cut it whenever they want.”

The president said the organizers of the debate “called two minutes ago and it was announced [a visible debate]”, and accused them of trying to “defend Biden”.

Mr Biden’s camp had said candidates would take part, and the former vice president said he was looking forward to “speaking directly to the American people and comparing his plan to unite the country and better rebuild with Donald Trump’s invincible leadership”.

As a sign of Trama camaign’s opposition to the plan, the president’s son, Eric Trump, had said “Biden’s mouth is watering in the view of the visible debate”.

The President returned to the Oval Office at White House on Wednesday, although he is still recovering from COVID-19.

His doctors said Mr Trump had no symptoms of coronavirus 24 hours ago.

“I feel perfect, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Mr Trump has promised that the antibody test drug he received at the military hospital will be given to Americans free of charge.

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