US NEWS: US election 2020 Trump flies to Florida – but a gray ballot

Donald Trump did well with more than 65 voters during his election, but his handling of the disease could damage his position.

It was not admitted that the president was in danger as he attacked Air Force One at Sanford International Airport – which shocked the crowd as they applauded his excellent return.

Eleven days after announcing that she had coronavirus, Donald Trump was blowing the whistle on victory, saying he had no physical strength, throwing masks in the audience and giving a kiss to “beautiful boys and women”.

If he managed to get through the crowd, it would be impossible to imagine that others would pick him up and give him away.

But apart from the fact that Mr. Trump now has no COVID negative, according to his doctors, everything else sounded good in 2016: music, applause – I felt like I was going for a while.

There was a similar enthusiasm I had seen in four years involving Trump. But it was not very desirable, it did not look like a cartoon or a powerful one.

He still entertains people here and many of those I spoke to cast him out as a powerful survivor, dispelling what they describe as fictional myths about coronavirus being deadly.

Many in the crowd think that the virus has been exaggerated and that the president is a living proof of how to recover quickly.

A political explosion is what he needs. Some surveys have followed him closely here, others put him on neck and neck with Mr Biden.

In fact, the empire is often overthrown or has lost a small remnant. The fact that the President returned to the province on Friday shows that he does not take anything lightly. There is no real way to win without Florida.

Residents of The Villages call it the “Disneyland for the Elderly”, but far from man-made grass and meaningless smiles than theā€¦ golf cart – the car of choice here.

Generally, this is a reliable refuge for the Republic – but there is a shift afoot.

Last week, about 100 small wheels had the courage to roam under the banner of “Ridin ‘for Biden”. It is a warning sign to the president who is doing very well with the 2016 adult vote.

Analysts say Mr. Trump’s response to the epidemic and how he managed to meet him damaged his standing with 65 or more voters.

Efrain, who travels with me in his rainbow-colored chariot, Biden, says the president’s response to the epidemic “will be a huge blow to voters”.

He believes it is enough to overthrow Mr. Trump in Florida.

I am asking for a group of 10 women – who dance in all kinds of constructive neon – who do they vote for.

Six are Biden, four are Trump. Some told me that they were enough, that it all came down to personality and the ability to rule.

One describes Mr. Trump as “completely incompetent.”

But Ginni Mantel is convinced that the area, as a country, will once again visit Mr. Trump.

“This is Trump’s place,” he said. “We have 600-700 carts and then two weeks later Biden will come out with 100. They are doing Ridin ‘and Biden because they can’t make the Trump train.”

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