US NEWS: US government looks to end 2020 turmoil as Trump fights Congress

Trump, who is stepping down on January 20 after losing the November election, was under pressure on Sunday from lawyers for both sides to stop blocking the aid and anti-government bill adopted by Congress last week.

The US government is facing a crisis in the last few days of the year as President Donald Trump’s refusal to accept a $ 2.3 trillion package has caused millions of unemployed Americans to lose their profits and threatened to shut down state institutions due to a lack of funding.

Trump, who is stepping down on January 20 after losing the November election, was under pressure on Sunday from lawyers for both sides to stop blocking the aid and anti-government bill adopted by Congress last week.

The president of the Republic has called on Congress to amend the bill to increase the size of checks to encourage struggling Americans to $ 2,000 from $ 600.

Many economists agree that financial aid to the bill should be more to keep the economy afloat but say immediate funding for Americans affected by coronavirus lockdowns is still urgently needed.

Unemployment benefits paid to about 14 million people for the epidemic ended on Saturday, but could be resumed until mid-March when Trump signs the bill.

To add to the uncertainty, the package puts $ 1.4 trillion into spending to fund government agencies. If Trump does not sign the law, a partial government shutdown will begin on Tuesday that will put millions of government workers at risk, unless Congress enters a rate of suspension by the president.

Republican Senator Pat Toomey told “Fox News Sunday” that Trump should approve the bill now, and demand more money for later inactivity.

“I understand that the President would like to send big checks to everyone. I think all you have to do is sign this bill and commit a crime. “Congress can pass another law,” Toomey said.

“You don’t get everything you want, even if you are the president of the United States,” he said.

After months of controversy, Republicans and Democrats agreed on the package last weekend, with funding from the White House.

Trump surprised Republicans and Democrats alike when he later said he was unhappy with the bill, which provides $ 892 billion to finance the coronavirus, though he did not oppose the terms of the agreement before Congress voted Monday.

Trump spent this Christmas holiday at his residence in Mar-a-Lago in Florida. On Sunday morning, he appeared unhurried to try to resolve a dispute with Congress as he spent many hours at Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach.

He also complained that the bill provides too much money for special interests, cultural projects and foreign aid.

A multinational group of lawmakers involved in drafting the aid bill urged Trump to sign it immediately. But they would not, if they were willing to vote for that, should do so immediately to “allow those who wish to do something ahead of time.”

“This action will show your support for Americans in need of emergency measures such as food, shelter, unemployment benefits and assistance to small businesses during these difficult times,” the statement said.

Senator Bernie Sanders said of the delay: “What the president is doing right now is incredibly cruel.”

“We are facing an unprecedented moment in American history. Many people were injured, “he told ABC News'” This Week “show. Sanders, an independent Democrat, urged Trump to” finally do something good for the American people and stop worrying about his arrogance. “

Benefit payments

Americans are living in a sour holiday season amid an epidemic that has killed nearly 330,000 people in the United States, the number of daily deaths is now more than 3,000 times higher, the highest number since the epidemic began.

The aid package also expanded the suspension of expulsions on December 31, revived support for small business salaries, provided funding to reopen schools and assisted the transport industry and the distribution of vaccines.

The U.S. Congress, which was usually adjourned last December, is preparing to return to work.

The Democratic Alliance House of Representatives is set to vote on Monday in a law that provides $ 2,000 checks to individuals, but Republican lawmakers are already worried about the cost of a massive package.

Despite the suspension of a comprehensive aid and subsidies bill, the US government runs out of money by midnight on December 28. If the war with Trump is not resolved by then, Congress must pass a funding bill or government agencies will not have the money to fully operate starting Tuesday.

That situation could have been avoided if the House and the Senate had passed a separate funding bill that the president had signed off at midnight on Monday.

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