US NEWS: US Senate approves $ 770 billion defense bill, following Biden’s signature

WASHINGTON, Dec 15 – The U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly on Wednesday with a amendment to the National Defense Authorities Act, or NDAA, authorizing the utilization of $ 770 billion – $ 25 billion over President Joe Biden ‘- to send the move to the White House. to be signed by the president.

Voting was 88-11, with strong support from Democrats and Republicans over the annual defence policy policy of the Department of Defense. The House of Representatives passed 363-70 last week.

The figures were 89-10 but Democratic Alliance Senator Cory Booker changed his vote later Wednesday.

Biden was expected to sign the bill, but the White House failed to answer requests for comment Wednesday.

The NDAA is being closely monitored by variety of industries and other interests because it’s the sole major law that becomes law once a year and since it deals with a spread of issues.

The NDAA has become a law each year for 60 years.

Authorizing 5% more military spending than last year, the 2022 NDAA finance agreement is an agreement after heated talks between the House and Senate Democrats and Republicans after being disrupted by China-Russia policy disputes. L1N2SK2SA

It includes a 2.7% military increase, likewise because the purchase of aircraft and a Navy ship learn more, additionally to strategies to cater to national threats, particularly Russia and China.


The NDAA comprises $ 300 million for the Ukrainian Security Assistance Initiative, which provides support to the Ukrainian military, $ 4 billion for the ecu Defense Initiative and $ 150 million for Baltic security cooperation.

In China, the bill includes $ 7.1 billion of Pacific Deterrence Initiative and a press release of congressional support for Taiwan’s defense, also as a ban on the Ministry of Defense’s purchase of forcibly manufactured products from China’s Xinjiang province.

Creates a 16-member commission to review the Afghan war. Biden ended the conflict – the longest war within the country – in August.

This year’s NDAA includes the restructuring of the military justice system to form decisions on the prosecution of rape, sex crime and other serious crimes at the hands of military authorities.

The change became a partial victory for the activists because it failed to deprive military commanders of the correct to prosecute all cases. This comes after lawyers led by Democratic Alliance Senator Kirsten Gillibrand made years of effort to alter the system to retort to thousands of harassment cases among church members, many of whom haven’t been prosecuted.

The bill doesn’t include other provisions included in previous versions, especially those who would require women to enlist within the military. The proposal was met with strong opposition from variety of Republican lawmakers who thought it might undermine gender roles, threatening to disrupt the whole NDAA.

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