US NEWS: US to permitrut vaccinated foreign travelers from November 8 Covaxin is approved

The u. s. will finally lift its 21-month Covid restrictions on travelers on Monday allowing full-fledged foreign tourists. This was a long-awaited decision as U.S. officials bought time to finally open up the country to foreign tourists. The restrictions have prevented many Indians living within the US from coming to India as they’d are trapped in India and also the US wouldn’t allow Indian travelers to this point.

This limit was set by then-President Donald Trump in early 2020 when the epidemic had just begun and was eventually lifted after the planet bravely fought many of the waves of the epidemic.

Here’s what you wish to understand

  1. Only fully qualified travelers are allowed to visit the us.
  2. However, travelers are required to hold proof of coronavirus testing before boarding a plane.
  3. Passengers are required to demonstrate their immunization status at airlines which will match the name and date of birth to make sure that nobody can carry someone else’s vaccination certificate.
  4. All FDA- and WHO-approved vaccines are approved by US authorities. And this includes the standard Indian vaccine Covaxin because the vaccine has been approved to be used in emergencies by the WHO.
  5. The US will open its international borders with Canada and Mexico for vaccinated people.
  6. Allowing only fully vaccinated travelers is nearly like issuing a vaccination passport and therefore the situation will exclude people from many countries. the govt. has said it’ll process passengers from those countries if there’s a private or urgent reason.

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