US NEWS: U.S. VP Harris of the U.S. will attend a conference to promote equal pay

WASHINGTON, March 15 – US Vice President Kamala Harris will host a conference on Tuesday to celebrate Equal Pay Day, announcing measures to improve wage equity for new union workers and government contractors.

According to senior management officials, Harris will be accompanied by Labor Secretary Marty Walsh and current and former members of the United States women’s soccer team, who have sued the US governing body for alleged sexual harassment in 2019. Last month, the club, the team won a total of $ 24-million.

As part of this conference, the Office of Personnel Management will announce plans to propose legislation that will address the use of previous payroll records in the recruitment and remuneration process for public servants.

U.S. President Joe Biden will also sign a federal directive directing the Procurement Regulatory Council to measure wage equity and transparency, limiting or preventing contractors of the organization from considering information on past applicants’ compensation when making employment decisions.

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