US NEWS: ‘We Are Successful’ Historian Jackson Supreme Court nominee was praised at the White House

WASHINGTON, April 9 – Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson on Friday celebrated her historic confirmation of being the first black woman to serve in the United States Supreme Court with a declaration “anything can happen” in America and referring to achieving slave dreams.

Jackson, the appellate judge, was upheld by the Senate on Thursday with a 53-47 vote in favor of the United States and the political victory of Democratic Alliance President Joe Biden, who nominated him in February. Jackson, 51, will replace Justice Stephen Breyer, 83, who has since retired, from a 6-3 majority court.

“It took 232 years and 115 previous appointments for a black woman to be appointed to the United States Supreme Court,” Jackson said at an event in White House South Lawn, with American flags fluttering in the background. “But we have succeeded – we have succeeded – all, all,” he said.

Biden has pledged as a presidential candidate to appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court if given the chance.

“We will look back and see this as a moment of real change in American history,” said Biden, with Jackson and Vice President Kamala Harris, the first black and American American woman to hold the job, looking at her from the platform.

Black women are an important region of Democracy and helped to encourage Biden to be elected party president in 2020 with his significant victory in South Carolina.

Jackson quoted another famous black woman, the late poet Maya Angelou, as describing her rise to the nation’s highest court.

“‘Bringing gifts to my ancestors is a dream come true for a slave,” says Jackson, referring to the American history of slavery. “In my family, it took just one generation to get a divorce and go to the United States Supreme Court.”

Harris noted that Jackson’s confirmation also means that four women will serve together in the Supreme Court for the first time.

External planning was partially selected as a security clearance for COVID-19 amid rising tensions in the Washington region and dozens of high-ranking Democrats infected.

Given the congratulations made by the audience, Jackson thanked Biden and vowed to rule independently as justice “without fear or favor” while seeking to uphold the rule of law.

Jackson will replace Breyer after his departure at the end of the court period, usually in late June. All but three of the 115 judges who have served in the high court were white, with two black members, including current Justice Clarence Thomas, and one Spanish, current Judge Sonia Sotomayor.


Biden said he was aware that a Supreme Court nominee would face a painful and difficult verification process.

“What was put on Judge Jackson was more than that – there was insults, anger, constant harassment, the worst, most baseless remarks and allegations.”

During his trial in March, some Republican senators pursued hostile lines of questions, including accusing him of neglecting as a judge in sentencing child sex offenders.

Jackson said he has received notes of support, including from children.

“And our kids tell me they now see more than ever that anything here in America can happen,” Jackson said.

Biden has been plagued by ideological elections, and the high inflation and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have exacerbated national concerns. Jackson’s assertion may be the joy needed to please Black voters and other left-wingers ahead of the Nov. mid-election. 8 when Democrats risk losing control of one or both chambers in Congress.

A Ipsos opinion poll completed on Tuesday showed that Biden’s public approval had risen sharply this week to 45%, up by 3 percent amid strong support from his Democratic Party. In the election, Biden’s job approval for junior candidates was 53%.

Among those invited to the event were members of Jackson’s family, various lawmakers of the Democratic Alliance, labor officials and warring parties. Biden thanked the three Republican senators who parted ways with their party to vote for Jackson: Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski and Mitt Romney. They did not attend the event.

The decision to hold the event outside comes after former President Donald Trump’s 2020 election to Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett turned into the most widespread COVID-19 event, affecting many of the top Republicans who attended. During his four years in office, Trump was able to appoint three judges, who co-ordinated the process.

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