US NEWS :Weinstein Victims Receive $ 19M Payout, Released From NDA

Johannesburg – Many women who were sexually assaulted and harassed by Harvey Weinstein have been fined $ 19 million as part of a lawsuit against New York Attorney General’s aides, officials said Tuesday. The charge, assisted by the New York Attorney General, is part of an effort to resolve two charges against an convicted rapist.

The fee, which needs to be approved for bankruptcy and district courts, is part of an effort to resolve two cases. The first, filed in 2018 by the Attorney General’s Office against the Weinstein company, was first reported by the Daily Beast. It is alleged that the 68-year-old filmmaker has maintained a hostile workplace environment. The second was a lawsuit brought by women who were sexually abused by Weinstein.

“Harvey Weinstein and the Weinstein Company have defeated their women workers. After all the harassment, threats and discrimination, their victims are finally getting justice, “Attorney General Letitia James said in a statement on Tuesday.”

James added: “This agreement is for every woman who has been sexually abused, discriminated against, intimidated or retaliated by her employer. I thank the brave women who came to share their stories with my office. I will always have their stories in my heart and I will never stop fighting for the right of everyone who can work without abuse. ”

Tuesday’s charge comes three months after Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison for sexually abusing former Run Run producer and producer Miriam Haleyi and raping Jessica Jessica. Throughout his four-week trial in Manhattan, prosecutors say Weinstein used his power in the entertainment industry and fed up with dozens of women for more than three decades pledging to take off their jobs if he wanted to have sex.

While the case focused on six women who were victimized by Weinstein, the agreement on Tuesday featured dozens of women who were struggling with conditions of discrimination or sex discrimination in the Weinstein company.

“We have fought a long and violent war on the court,” said Caitlin Dulany, who accused Weinstein of sexual harassment and who was a defendant in a class action lawsuit. “Harvey had been avoiding responding for decades, and it was a powerful time for us to come together and demand justice. Knowing that we are going to help many longtime women find relief gives me hope that this area will continue to empower others to speak up. ”

According to a 2018 lawsuit, Weinstein “created a problematic place of harassing and repeatedly harassing women by appealing to women’s looks, seducing female employees, and demanding that women perform a job while she was naked or partially dressed.” his erectile dysfunction and self-cleaning after his sexual encounter, the lawsuit accuses Weinstein of forcing many women to engage in unwanted sexual behavior under the occupation.

Weinstein’s brother, Robert, and the company also helped assist the working conditions by waiting for a number of complaints against the Pulp Fiction producer, the lawsuit said.

“Harvey Weinstein has left a trail of abuse that has plagued many women,” Louisette Geiss, chair of the Secure Creditors Committee, said in a statement.

Weinstein Hit on New Sexual Assault Charges in Los Angeles

As previously reported by the Daily Beast, some of Weinstein’s accusers claimed that in October last year they were pressured to accept a low-level football agreement to eliminate all charges against the shy producer. The previously recommended site, according to many people familiar with the situation, gave women only $ 47 million, and about a third of that amount – $ 14 million – would have gone to Weinstein’s defense bill. The remaining $ 33 million will be split between creditors of Weinstein’s former studio, former employees, and those suspected of being victims.

According to people familiar with the matter at the time, 25 percent of the victims’ compensation will have paid attorneys for the proceedings.

“This place is a true vision for the survivors, who not only face trauma but also bravely defend on behalf of all who fear to speak out because of the threat to their reputation and careers,” said Elizabeth A. Fegan, a lawyer involved in the area.

“The complainants have worked tirelessly in their collective efforts to protect the fund, which will allow all survivors of the Weinstein abuse to apply for personal freedom. The women have emphasized that their voices are heard and set a good example of how we can fight together for justice.”

Douglas Wigdor, an attorney representing several Weinstein victims who did not sign on the site, called it a “complete sale.”

“Although we do not view any survivors who want to take part in this interaction, as we understand the proposed agreement, it is not true for many reasons. First, Harvey Weinstein accepts no responsibility for his actions. Second, Harvey Weinstein pays no money to the property despite being found guilty in a Manhattan criminal court. Third, the directors’ directors, who claim to have been aware of Weinstein’s behavior, will be receiving millions of dollars in restitution for their defense costs. Fourth, if the money is approved by the courts, survivors who do not wish to participate in the settlement but would like to hold Harvey Weinstein accountable, will not be able to follow the multibillion-dollar insurance companies and directors, because they will accept the official release. And fifth, the attorneys for the next steps will be seeking millions of dollars in fines for the default. We are completely surprised that the Attorney General overcomes this unfair and inappropriate proposal, and on behalf of our clients, we will challenge it extensively in court. “

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