US NEWS:Democrats prepare to nominate Joe Biden, fears are running high regarding the election

WASHINGTON (US): With less than 80 days before the U.S. presidential election, it looks like Joe Biden’s race will be lost.

However, as Democrats rally across the country this week to nominate him as his party’s election to challenge President Donald Trump on November 3, many fear Biden could do just that – for reasons almost entirely out of control.

The former vice president and his allies have good reason to feel compelled to respond. Polls show that Biden is building a tragic trail in almost every war-torn Trump that it won a bit in 2016, as Republican permit numbers are low during the Coronavirus epidemic. For the first time in ten years, the restoration of the Senate – and full control of Congress – is evident.

However, interviews with more than a dozen democratic officials, activists and voters raise serious concerns that Trump will make voting as difficult as possible during the violence, and if he loses the vote, he will not accept the results.

Biden himself called it his greatest fear. Former President Barack Obama made a statement on the radio station on Friday, saying on Twitter that Trump officials “are more concerned with rigging the vote than with suppressing the virus.” Eight out of 10 Democrats are concerned about voter pressure, according to a Media in late July.

Trump has been accused of voting by mail for months, announcing without evidence that it will lead to corruption, and on Thursday he has all but denied that he was blocking Democratic demands for extra money in the post due to opposition to email voting.

“We can’t predict what will happen without a run-off election. Trump, who desperately needs his campaign, will be a campaigner,” said Rodell Mollineau, a coalition adviser to Biden’s political committee.

Tim Murtaugh, a spokesman for the Trump campaign, said the president wanted free and fair elections, adding that they were Democrats inviting “chaos and opportunity for fraud” by trying to increase postal vote.

Democrats and rights groups say e-mail voting can help protect voters from coronaviruses, and that failure to ensure that elections during the violence will alienate millions of Americans, especially the poor and African Americans who often vote for Democracy.

Some say that Biden’s instructions in the papers could make them even more nervous. They are concerned that an increase in COVID-19 cases could keep voters away from polling stations, especially if Biden is seen as an easy victory.

Former Democratic Alliance president Joe Biden signs official papers that need to receive official nominations for his party next week during an event in Wilmington, Delaware, U.S.A., August 14, 2020.

“If Biden goes up by 10 points, you could risk your life,” said Stefan Smith, former chief campaign officer for Pete Buttigieg’s campaign.

About this time in 2016, the former president of the Democratic Alliance, Hillary Clinton, had won five points at various voting meetings and still lost the election three months later, with the first rejection of a return to power in Africa and the United States in 20 years.

Morgan Democrat Patty Leitzel, who lives in a politically divided region in Macomb County, said he was still upset about Trump’s ousted victory four years ago and was worried he might not do it again – as do voters he regularly spoke to.

Leitzel, who was regional chair of the Clinton campaign, has been holding calls and organizing groups at Biten’s house. “If I had Biden’s ear, I would have told him this: Don’t follow the votes,” he said.

Like many Democrats, Leitzel’s main concern is voter pressure. But he also said he would like to see Biden make a concerted effort to get its message across so that elections can end Trump’s operations in a subtle way.

Democrats are concerned that the race is too focused on Trump’s handling of the epidemic. That has worked very well for Biten’s charity, but has also put him at risk of a sudden change in the country’s finances, such as the economy advancing further in the run-up to the election or the coronavirus vaccine.

“These changes could slow down the race,” said Geoffrey Skelley, election analyst at FortThentyEight, a website that analyzes voting details. “Because the president tends to vote better in countries that say he is more likely to make a decision than he does nationwide, he will have to recover as much as possible to improve his chances of winning the Electoral College.”

Biden has taken a more cautious position than Trump in reopening the economy and reiterated the need to follow public health guidelines.

He will accept his nomination as President in most of his home country of Delaware, and Trump plans to visit this week in Minnesota, Wisccin, Arizona and Pennsylvania, all competing political states.

The efforts of the Biden campaign are also very digital. Trump’s campaign, in contrast, claims that there are one million doors a week.

The intelligence of each of these will not be known until election day. But Bitenen’s partners are well aware that the 10-point title in August does not guarantee a win in November.

At a staff meeting on July 30, Advocate Cedric Richmond, chairman of the Biden campaign, raised the profile of the Atlanta Falcons, the National Soccer League’s national soccer team that in 2017 lost 25 points to losing the winning game.

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