US NEWS:’Everyone’s Coming for Him’ Women march in Washington DC with Trump’s message

Various groups joined in the protest, including the Black Lives Matter, voluntary support, and women’s rights activists.

In Washington DC we saw a wave of opposition – a women’s march with a message for the president.

“He has to get up from the ground, he has to look at his back because everyone is coming for him,” Tiffany Jones said.

She and her 20-year-old daughter had traveled to the capital to join thousands of others calling for people to vote for Donald Trump out of the White House.

That would be a bad thing for women in this country,” Tina Atwell told me. we are counting on us to win “.

The protest brought together people from various groups, including Black Lives Matter protesters, elected campaigners and women’s rights activists.

“This is what democracy looks like,” they sang and “Donald Trump came out” as they marched past his hotel.

Anger is not new – the day after President Trump’s inauguration in 2017 millions gathered in the United States to express their anger.

For them, another four years is not an option.

Tests show that Joe Biden is still at the forefront of the presidential race and that urban women could be a major obstacle to Mr Trump’s return to the White House.

In Pennsylvania this week, the president tried to get them on the side.

“Women of Durban, would you like me?” he said to the excited fans, “Please. Save me your neighborhood, okay?”

But the protesters are uncertain. Among their concerns is Donald Trump’s nomination of Amy Coney Barrett in the Supreme Court, which has left many fearful of abortion rights.

As the protesters marched through the courtroom, a small group of pro-life activists held placards in support of the president’s election, sparking violent protests as both sides faced off.

“He is a lifelong supporter we have had so I support him and I am a follower of his policy,” Mallory Finch said.

With more than two weeks to go before the election, the time for action is running out on both sides.

They know that votes and not big words will determine the future of America.

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