Victoria Beckham reveals how the British band Spice Girls ‘inspired’ Beyonce

Lemonade and Single Ladies singer Beyonce is a cultural icon that has inspired generations around the world, and it seems the former British band Spice Girls has inspired the 39-year-old Grammy Award-winning singer to pursue her dreams. English singer and fashion designer Victoria Beckham, who was part of the Spice Girls as Posh Spice, in a recent interview revealed that Beyonce once told her that a British girls’ group “encouraged her” to pursue her dreams. In a recent interview on Dear Media’s Breaking Beauty podcast, Victoria Beckham shared, “I met Beyonce a few years ago and she told me, ‘It was the Spice Girls who inspired me and made me want to do what I do and what I do. I’m proud to be a girl. I’m proud of who I am.”

The 47-year-old fashionista added, “And if someone like Beyonce, who is a great celebrity and a strong woman, says the Spice Girls inspiration, I think that’s a real thing.” According to reports in E! News, Beyonce shared that the fact that the Spice Girls weren’t so sorry about who they were is one of the reasons for their success. Victoria said during the podcast they not only encouraged Beyonce but portrayed a whole generation of young women, saying, “I look at it all, and it makes me smile because we didn’t care. Whether it was fashion or beauty, we didn’t care, ‘Is this brand new, cooler?’ We set the styles because there was no fear. “

Victoria also revealed that the party is about accepting ‘who you are’, and that is true as all five members of the group – Victoria was Posh Spice in the group, Mel B was Scice Spice, Mel C went as Sporty Spice, Emma Bunton was a Baby Spice and red head Gerri Halliwell was named Spice – they were completely different. Victoria shared, “It’s okay to be different. Let’s not try to change who we are. Let’s celebrate who we are. Let’s celebrate the fact that we are different.”

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