WARNING: Do you wear hair ties on your wrist? You better stop! It’s really dangerous!

After reading this, you will never wear hair ties on your wrist again!
Almost every woman with long hair (ish) does this: put a hair tie on your wrist when you are not wearing it in your hair. This way, you always get one and you don’t need to hold around in your bag looking for one. That’s great, isn’t it? Unfortunately, and it is very dangerous!

It looks harmless, putting a hair tie on your wrist. How harmful can it be? The answer is: a lot. An American woman named Audrey Kopp ended up in hospital because she always wore a hair tie on her wrist. The growing lump formed in the exact spot where he wore his tie (sometimes wet). When Audrey went to the hospital for a checkup, doctors determined that she had a serious illness. And what was to be blamed?

Hair tie. A breeding ground for bacteria emerged. These bacteria had penetrated Audrey’s blood through her skin and capillaries. As a result, he had not only one, but three different bacterial infections.

Blood poisoning
If doctors had not treated the abscess during the operation, Audrey would have died. Audrey’s doctor said that wearing a hair tie can cause infections, which can lead to poisoning in the blood, and possible death. Therefore, we all need to be careful! To prevent infection, you can always use a new hair tie or wash it thoroughly with boiling water. We think the best solution is to put your hair ties in a pocket or purse. That way, you can be sure that you are safe!

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