WhatsApp Voice Note ‘Update’ included: Here’s how it works

WhatsApp, a Facebook-encrypted messenger service always works on new features, while adding a small quality of life enhancement to existing ones to make them more meaningful to users. According to the new leak, the company is now adding support for the ability to preview your voice notes on WhatsApp for iOS before sending them to users.

The new feature has been spotted by WABetaInfo which is very noticeable on WhatsApp, and it comes at a time when the chat service is currently testing the feature to allow users to play voice notes at various speeds. This new feature will reportedly allow you to record a voice note and hear the message before sending it. Updating voice notes is a potentially useful feature, especially considering the negative location of the voice note button in the chat app.

According to WABetaInfo, the company will add a new “Update” button for users to listen to and ensure that the voice note contains only the intended content, before a voice note is sent. If there is something wrong with the voice note or there is a disturbance, simply discard it and repeat the recording process and review it again. WABetaInfo says there is no official release date for this feature, but it should reach both iOS and Android when it is ready.

While users can currently check their WhatsApp notes on both iOS and Android using instant functionality – start recording a voice note and swipe from the bottom of the screen to the latest activity switch when you want to stop recording. When you return to your conversation, you should first check your voice note waiting for you. However, this is unreliable and the official update option is very reliable and we look forward to seeing it released in the future.

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