Yes, indeed: this is how you know you are drinking water improperly

This is how you know when you are drinking water properly
We all drink a lot of water a day and often do this without even thinking about it. The glass here, the glass there… However, there are times when we actually drink water improperly and undermine its benefits as a result. You will feel much better if you follow these rules.

But first, we want to recommend you if you drink two liters of water every day! Well done, you!

Water and food
Most people have a glass of water for their dinner. Drinking here and there is not a bad thing, but if you drink a lot of water when you eat it it will interfere with your digestion. Water cleanses the stomach acid in your stomach which can cause a feeling of constipation. This is why it is best to drink your own glass of water before eating. That way, you will not be preoccupied with your diet because you will be feeling a little full and you will be eating just the right amount. It is best to drink two glasses of water half an hour before dinner.

Water and exercise
Many people carry a water bottle with them to exercise. That may seem like a good idea, but in reality, it interferes with the natural supply of electrolytes. These are minerals like magnesium, potassium and sodium. You need this to prevent muscle cramps, but if you drink too much water you will lose more electrolytes than you do. You can choose to drink an electrolyte drink, such as coconut water.

Water and standing
Many people get a glass of water and drink it on their feet. There is no harm in that, you can imagine. But it turns out that it is not as healthy as you might think. By drinking dry water you will drink it faster, which means you are taking in more oxygen. This can cause heart and lung problems.

Water and waking
In Japan, most people drink two glasses of water when they wake up. It should keep the skin thin and is also said to help with excess fat loss. This is because you jump start your body and you will work better and faster because of this. This theory has never been scientifically proven, but it is practiced worldwide.

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