You burn a lot of calories and make these four games!

We all know that exercise is important if you want a balanced and healthy body. Of course, it is very beneficial if you manage to lose a certain weight during the process again. But what types of exercise are most effective when it comes to burning calories?

These are four games that will make you burn more calories!

Running: Running to lose weight works well because you both work on burning calories faster and exercising. With normal walking tempo (about 5 km / h) you will burn about 260 calories per hour. If you wake up your tempo, you will be twice as hot before you know it! With a regular run you will burn 650 calories per hour. Maybe it’s time for you to get out of those running shoes again…
Bicycling: If you are cycling at a small or regular temple (less than 10 km / h) you will burn 330 calories per hour. Normal time will cause you to burn twice as many calories, and if you put your back on it you can burn 1300 calories per hour! And, it’s fun, because you’re out in the fresh air and you might see a beautiful place. What more do you want?
Swimming: Swimming is a great way to lose weight. Water traction does not work very well (250 calories per hour), but burns more calories while swimming in the thighs. If you do this in a quiet temple and do backstroke or breaststroke you can burn 500 calories per hour. If you have a butterfly disease, you can burn 900 calories an hour! Also, you will be training your muscles at the same time.
Going to the gym: By lifting weights or doing light exercise you will burn 250 calories an hour. And it builds up your muscle mass, which makes you burn fat faster. Combined with cardio (running, cross trainer), this is a great way to lose weight.

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