You should stop ordering this drink at restaurants and that’s why!

Yikes, we have ordered this drink many times!
When we eat dinner, we tend to want to pay for all the fatty (yet delicious) food by having a healthy drink. For this reason, we usually order a glass of sparkling water and a slice of lemon. What could be better than that? Obviously, it’s better to order something next time.

It is a source of germs.

You may be wondering what in the world is wrong with sparkling water with a slice of lemon. Yes, the sparkling water itself is good, but a slice of lemon is not worth it. A study published in the Journal of Environmental Health shows that 70 percent of all lemon slices are unclean and can cause disease.

Investigators looked at slices of lemon from 43 different restaurants and examined the meat and peel of 76 lemons. The pieces were investigated after they were removed directly from the glass. After experimenting, researchers were able to conclude that citrus fruits were infested with bacteria! These bacteria originated in the hands of waiting staff or kitchen staff – who, researchers say, first handled raw meat.

We are considering re-planning that favorite “healthy” drink the next time we have dinner…

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